Psychic Rebel: A Rose from Mama

Today I was able to give the best wedding gift of all to a beautiful newlywed couple, the message from a loved one who has passed on.
A friend went to a wedding this past weekend and was showing me video of this amazing couple and mentioned that the groom’s mother had passed and was not there in attendance. I then asked her what it was about a rose and a boutonniere? “Whoa, just stop right there…I don’t wanna hear any more” she said with a nervous giggle.
She then told me that the mother’s name was ROSE! I said to her, there’s something about PUTTING ON THE boutonniere. I said to let him know, that his mother was there in THAT exact moment, pinning that on for him.
My friend decided to give that newlywed couple a call. We learned that the groom actually did NOT want to wear that rose boutonniere and that he was talked into it J.
Spirit always gets their way and his mama was with him at his wedding. He can say proudly when he looks at his picture that “my momma pinned that rose to my heart”.