Psychic Rebel: Cobe’s Goodbye

Read for a friend’s sister last night and a few lovely messages found their way thru. One was that the sister was about to embark on a 2 year expedition for work and was taking her dog Cobe. I mentioned that she should leave the ashes there and not bring them home. She started to cry and I said that I was sorry as I didn’t know why I would say that, but she confirmed that both she and her sister had literally just talked about that scenario a couple of days before so it was an incredible validation. We then started talking about a great friend who had passed away. You know, it was one of those friends that makes you feel connected, loved and accepted. I asked if the family was religious and she said “no” that they claimed to be atheist. I replied “that’s strange because I see people praying over him on the last night with a father”-She then told me that they had his last rights read to him by a priest on his last night. Remarkable! Even if you aren’t sure how the pieces will fit together and you are afraid of putting something out there to only be completely wrong…remember….you can only be validated if you take the risk!. *Update: Cobe passed away 13 months after this reading.