Psychic Rebel: The Suicidal Warrior

Last night I had a wonderful reading with whom I will refer to as Warrior. A young soul with an old cycle. His surprise, perplexity and deep thought inspired me to want to reach deep inside of him to guide him see what was so obvious to me. I was able to know that he was a nature man, a warrior man, a man of core and strength. His deep thoughts and constant questioning of the universe has made him feel unfulfilled in this place we call the here and now. The buzz of people and the business of work.I knew he should go away, in the middle of nowhere, Be a survivalist-to go get himself. He wasn’t lost mind you..he knows exactly where he is… he just needed to go reclaim himself. I felt it should be Alaska or Canada (Vancouver to be specific). Yes, now THAT he could relate to.I knew he was in post-production, I also know that it doesn’t fill his soul. He is an artist, he is a solo soul. Meant to help others, change the perception of those around him.I knew he suffered from depression, liquid suicidal thoughts move through him like water down a stream, but his core and strength push him through those moments of despair and disconnect. He is a warrior.Once he finds balance, he will begin to have hope. That is the key. He can no longer allow this realm to swallow him whole and leave him feeling worn, tired, hollow. He has a mission to accomplish.