Psychic Rebel: Giving til it hurts

She was lonely. I could feel it immediately. A sense of neediness, but such a gifted, genuine human being, she’s the giver…not the taker. She hasn’t learned to ask for anything for herself, rather she sacrifices her own spiritual well-being to make those around her feel loved. Her reading was based on her father stepping forward and her guides trying to tell her to push her boundaries. To fulfill her soul's desire to fly, run, relax and be present. She has dreams of sailing and realities of settling.
She met a friend. Not just any friend, but a soul-mate. Not the lover kind. Not yet, anyway, but one in which they are to teach each other the meaning of what life is truly about. Their ideas of being successful will soon be shattered and replaced by reality of needing each other. Life is about relationships, not status. Not wealth. And yes….it does make it easier I suppose in some regards, but when it has stifled your laugh, smothered your cry and held hostage your love…it’s not worth the ransom declared.
I told her there was a man around her. Taller, salt & pepper short hair… that is her best friend. I knew she was close to her Dad, I also knew he had crossed over…saw him showing me how he taught her to ride a bike. And how he teases her dog into acting wildly to get his daughters’ attention in the house. Told her about the young teenage girl that she had such an impact on. That was the daughter of her past lover. Also knew that she was attracted to this new close friend she has met. Another woman. I knew the answers she wanted to hear, but I also knew I could only give her what I saw. That’s the contract I’m under.
She’s a responsible one..this Giver. She’s great at her career and creating her spreadsheets, dotting her i’s, crossing her t’s…but now she needs to feed her soul and go fly. Live. Life. Breathe. Enjoy. Celebrate.