Psychic Rebel: The Hidden Pearl

Sadness, depression, feeling hopelessness. That’s what I saw from her photo. It was hard to allow my vibration to raise to meet her soul for our appointment, but I knew I had a few messages. I knew she needed to hear them. She’s in the wrong field. She should be helping people. She could’ve been a nurse. Helping children. Something with children. But, how is she going to pay the bills? How does she take that risk? That leap of faith, but her soul is at risk. How does she NOT? I said she was a natural healer of people. Her grandmother is her guide. There is something about Pearl. I can’t figure this one out. Pearl necklace? Pearl Harbor? What???? I’m hoping the answer will present itself because she (the grandmother) wouldn’t let it go.I saw both her cats had passed. They were her guides here. They are her guides there. One the feisty trouble maker. The other? He just sits casually on his throne throwing orders around like sardines. Told the nurturer that we have to find the light in her eyes again. It’s dark and diminished there. Turn on the light Let the sun shine through. Open the blinds. Whatever it takes.
Move. Shake. Get there. Trust in yourself.Believe. You are worth it.
I told the nurturer-she needs to get OUT of the house! socialize and be present. She spends too much time in her own time. Find friends and circles. This way he will come in. I like this one. He’s a stronger, outdoors man. Good with his hands, plaid shirt. Jeans, boots. Maybe not the richest man in the bank, but he’s a mighty rich man in his soul. Perfect match for her. She has to stop the struggle. She has to stop the cycle of struggle. Reach out and move beyond. That’s when we talked about the addictions. Whatever the vice, she no longer needed it. Let go of the vices. What you think is support, freedom and release is nothing more than a toxic poison to the soul-for you. Let go and find clarity, purpose. Go. Live. Be active. Be Present. Find yourself then… Go Find him.
As it turns out…on the night of the reading, a mutual friend was admitted to the hospital at the time of the reading. The name of the nurse assigned to this mutual friend was “Pearl”! -I believe this was a way for the grandmother to validate the reading. Also-before I called the client for the reading…I said out loud “Ok, butterfly…hope you’re ready!”-I asked her if there was any significance to butterflies. She had told me that on the day of the reading her mother and her had planned on going to a butterfly exhibit the next day!