Psychic Rebel: The Healer Within

Some people are born with a gift. Some know it. Some learn it. Some ignore it…. Some flat out run from it.The healer…she knows her purpose. She just hasn’t fully accepted or embraced it, but it excites her, tantalizes her, intrigues her like a fling on a hot summer night. She’s ready for this leap, this jump, but she must first trust herself. It’s always wonderful to be validated, but more rewarding for the recipient to be surprised, caught off guard at how well you know them. It’s as if you know their soul. As if there’s a connection. As if? What IF we are all connected? Knew she was working from a separate space. I mentioned a fountain in the room, she’s not too far from the stream, where you can hear the water running from outside. Mention renovations..oh, yes, working on that now she said. Knew she needed to open up. Expand her limits, expectations, and let go of the infamous “checklist”. Yes. She had one of those. Going to toss that out the window now. Knew she had never been married. Knew her father was worried that she would think he wouldn’t be there to walk down the aisle with her, but even on the other side…he will be there. He will walk “his little girl” when the time comes. Not yet though..there’s a little more learning to do. This person has an amazing soul…she is incredible. She will now move forward and help others…she just must believe in herself. Isn’t that what we all need? A little faith? Saw her dad had a piece of jewelry on a chain. She needs that on her wedding day, it was a necklace she said. Her grandmother is proud of her. Very appreciative that she helps to take care of her mother at an elder age because the others have bailed out on the responsibilities. Her grandmother has passed, but like any mother, that worrying for their child never ceases, not on this plain or any other that exists. That bond is NEVER broken. I hope I gave the healer enough direction, motivation and inspiration to move forward. She is amazing and I want to make sure she is “unleashed” to the world because truth be told, we could all use a “healer” in our world.
Quite frankly, I’m just paying it forward by telling her.