Psychic Rebel: Choosing Mr. Wrong…Again.

A stunningly beautiful young woman with a scarred soul. She gives unconditionally to the men in her life, falls in love with them so that she can heal them, then they release when they are ready to be in the wild again. She has a definitive pattern, but didn’t understand why. That’s where the Rebel came into play. It was important to explain to the Empath that she is a healer. Has been doing it for many lifetimes. She is to love and then love some more. That’s how she heals. She takes in the heartbreak, the disappointment and processes it within her being. Cleanses the hurt for them. NOW she is seeing it! For the first time it’s hitting her…so painful in so many ways. No bandaid will fix this boo boo. It will come down to acceptance. Accepting this is her soul’s contract in life. She chose it. Now she must live it. She gets it on some level, but her craving for true love eludes her like the seductive dance of a flame on fire. Now her family life is coming into focus. What family life? Where’s the love? Where’s the acceptance? Black sheep? Misfit? Why? Why so much jealousy and judgement against the Empath? Even by her own mother? Sister? She represents their own fear and not having the courage to take chances. They prefer their safe haven while the Empath allows her wild and free spirit to take flight. I see her designing. “NO..I’m in commercial real estate”. Yes, I get that you trying to pursue the industry you feel will be more financially lucrative, but you are a business woman who was meant to work in the design industry. “Design is my passion-but there’s no money”. I have to explain to her the concept of Free Will. She can chose her own destiny, regardless of what I say, but I have to stand in my commitment that spirit is telling me that she should be in design. I asked her to at least consider a design class-just to entertain the thought of allowing it into her life. But, we all fear what makes us most passionate, don’t we? The important lesson is to not PASS on Passion.