Psychic Rebel: Rejected & Misunderstood

She was so confused. Lost. Misunderstood. By Everyone. Even herself. She keeps searching for acceptance. For Love. Any Love. So desperate in her quest that she’s willing to settle. She has been settling. She has no one in her life that she can relate to. I see her loneliness. I feel it in my body. I feel her reaching out and her hand being slapped away. From work, to family, to romance. Just being denied at every turn. She holds so much in. No release. She can feel the energy of others. She knows what they are thinking, feeling. She has to find a place where there are others like her. I could see the disconnect with her family. The split from men. The severing of any emotional tie other than the fighting with her lover. The loss of hope on her face and in her spirit. She is broken. I cannot fix her, but I could give her the messages I was being told. To find a class, learn the trade, find like-minded souls, and find freedom. Find happiness. Yes, you deserve it. It’s O.K. You have my permission. I see a new love in about 3 years, a new job in 2-3 months-but she has to search now or else she won’t have time. Won’t have a choice. They will let her go like so many others in her life. So misunderstood this fragile soul. Finding it hard to find herself. That’s what we all struggle with at some point. To find ourselves. To have a voice. To be noticed. No. To be loved. Accepted. So simple really.