Psychic Rebel: Superwoman is Sick

She used to have so much energy! So focused, motivated and quite the self-starter! Then is struck. The mysterious illness without a name. At first she thought it had simply been the flu, it will pass. But, it didn’t. Over time it got significantly worse. One misdiagnosis after another until it depleted her of all who she once was. She had a tough time adapting, not one to complain mind you, but to deal with the physical symptoms, setbacks and sadness of it all. I was reading her at this dark time, I could see it all. I could also see a new purpose in her life. To begin telling HER story. To hold seminars and share her story of how she has overcome this adversity and how others suffering from the debilitating effects, can also move forward and manifest, build and grow. She “wanted to know everything” so I gave it her. I did not see her with her soul mate. I saw her with her partner of 20+ years, but he wasn’t her soul mate. Her soul mate was a friend. A woman. They had a connection, not one in which they crossed boundaries, but one in which they needed each other. I saw a level of depression, not that she would discuss that openly with me, nooooo…. but it was there, lurking underneath like a predator in the shadow simply awaiting the opportunity to strike. I saw she was contemplating signing an agreement with a partner for a business deal, I didn’t feel this was a good move for her. She had so many dreams, so much ambition, to be reduced now to asking “am I on the right path?”. NO. You are not. It’s time to focus on what feels like truth and move in that direction. Open up and trust more because quite frankly, Superwoman, the cape is getting in your way! Be willing to fail so that you can then succeed! Be willing to stumble so that you can then fly! Let go of the need to control. The need for yourself and your life to be in the pre-conceived vision of what you imagined, and allow yourself to be guided by what “feels right in your core”. “I just heard that from someone else today” she said. Hmmm…funny, how Spirit makes sure you get the message. Even if they have to repeat themselves! We all start with a pre-conceived idea of how our life will be, how we will grow-up and become these amazing superheroes in life! Yet, we all succumb to this thing called “acceptance” and allow ourselves to be directed, guided, and molded into what others and society thinks we should be. What they perceive as OK, as respectable, as NORMAL. Then, we find ourselves unhappy.

We have to learn to follow our inner compass, our inner voice and have the courage to TRUST that is has our best intention at heart. We need to let go of over thinking and underachieving and just follow our inner core as if we were a raft on a river. Let the current guide us to a place of purpose, fulfillment and contentment. Just be sure to hold onto your paddle because Spirit will take you on the ride of your life!