Psychic Rebel: Pain & Purpose

How many years of pain does it take until one breaks? She has a ray of light around her that flickers like a flame about to burn out. Her eyes blacken with pain as the shadows of truth are presented to her. For someone to be open and closed at the same time. I had a bit of fear that she may be too closed off to my reading, but she proved me wrong and she unfolded like a beautiful spring flower getting it’s first experience of rain. I discussed her concerns before she brought them to the surface and I gave her a safe place to be free. The abuse I knew she had experienced on so many levels, the knowing of the soulmate that she just could no longer be with, the emotional abuse by her previous employer, by her mother, by her father. The abuse even I couldn’t talk about. All of that out in the open, on the table for dissection and discussion. Her tears streaming were a symptom of hurt and yet, a sign of healing. I need to show her the promise I saw for her, and so I gave her it all.

What I saw, the book, the movie series (JK Rowling vision), the talk shows, the discussion of her experience. All of it. I saw her contract, her need to make sure she had final say on all script decisions and the need to tell her to follow her gut and to not be persuaded otherwise. She had a story. And it needed to be HER story. She needed to stand her ground for her purpose. Yes. She has a purpose. There was a reason for all of this pain, suffering, and self-loathing. It was to show others that they have a voice. She was going to be the one to give it to them. She would vocalize her story and risk the judgment and scrutiny and sense of betrayal behind it all. But she was going to send a message of hope, healing and to show that we can all come back from the dark side. We can all dust off our wings and fly. In fact, we can soar. And how many of us ask? What is my purpose? What is my story? Oh, it’s boring, no one will care…yet, think of your journey, your pain, you give it purpose, it now has meaning. We have to have faith that we all have a purpose. We all have a story.