Are YOU Intuitive? 7 Signs to help you!

IntuitiveAre YOU Intuitive?  7 SIGNS TO HELP YOU!

Are you Intuitive? Do you sometimes wonder if you are intuitive or have some degree of spiritual ability? Want to learn if you are and how to tap into it? This article will help you discover your intuitive sense!

  1. TELEPHONE GAME-Does a family member or friend pop into your mind and minutes later the phone rings and it’s them? Or the other way around, the phone rings and you think of them and that’s EXACTLY who’s calling? This is a common sign of your intuitive sense coming to life! You can even practice this and use it as a fun psychic game! Record how many times you’re right to track your accuracy!
  2. CHECKOUT-You find yourself at the check out line at the store and you start to feel sad, agitated or depressed and not sure why? I mean you were fine 5 minutes ago,right? You greet the checker and she’s cordial but you feel that you’ve upset her somehow? This may just be your empathetic sense kicking in! You have the ability to pick up on the feelings, emotions and thoughts of others. This one can be so confusing because you can really think it’s YOUR thoughts, feelings and emotions. This happens to many empaths, but can be eased by simply determining what belongs to you vs. the other person. One of the best ways to assign ownership is to ask, “Is this my emotion or someone else?” Listen to the answer you get. You might just be surprised at how often it’s NOT associated with you at all!
  3. GET YOUR BOX-Let’s say you realize you are an empath, now what? Do you have to go through the rest of your life feeling everything around you? Nope! There’s an exercise that will help you only hold onto what’s yours. Imagine yourself in a clear box. This box surrounds you completely. You can see through it and it doesn’t limit your ability to push your energy out, but the energy of others cannot penetrate the box. You are safe in this box. This will help you isolate your emotions and feelings and not take on those around you.
  4. CAR-You’re driving in your car. Next think you know you hear a voice inside of your head saying turn left, but you decide to turn right because you’re listening to the navigation system. As you turn right, the road has been blocked off for construction. Darn! You should’ve turned LEFT! UGH! That was your intuition trying to save you the trouble and aggravation of having to go through the entire detour!
  5. FLASH OF LIGHT-Have you ever seen a flash of light or shadow out of the corner of your eye? It was so quick. You wonder “Did I imagine it?” Chances are…probably not! This really might be you connecting with spirit. That can feel scary, but just ask that spirit only working for the white light or positive light for your highest good step forward and this will help protect you from negative energies.
  6. VOICES-You hear a voice inside of your head. You think you’re crazy. Really, you genuinely think you are crazy. This voice is probably your higher-self, your guide or spirit talking with you! Listen up! What special messages they have for you!
  7. DREAMS-You have a dream about an event. An earthquake, a tragedy or passing of someone. You wake up feeling startled and you can’t seem to shake the dream. You grab your morning cup of coffee and jump on the internet to check the latest new and there it is-right in front of you-your dream! You dream of something and then is happens…this is a form of premonition. Again, your intuitive sense at work for you. You can keep a journal by your bedside and as soon as you wake up from a dream jot it down. Record the dreams with dates so that you can see what dreams come true and the timing of these dreams. You can set an intention just before bedtime to ask your higher self to remember the dreams as accurately as possible. You would be surprised at how much this helps!

Understanding your intuitive self can sometimes feel scary and you may not know how to process the information you are receiving, but trust what you are getting! The more you can trust and surrender to this compass of Scooby sense the more you will feel a sense of balance. Find places that you can hone and improve your senses.  Work with certified professionals who have a reputation for their work. You might just find a place within yourself that feels safe and some new friends in the process!

Colby is a master spiritual teacher of the LWISSD and a certified and tested member of Best American Psychics by Shay Parker. Colby currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she serves as a professional psychic, medium, teacher author and public speaker. Colby is not a doctor or medical intuitive. In no way is this article intended to be taken as a diagnosis or medical treatment. Always seek the guidance of a professional for medical treatment.  CLICK HERE to book a session with Colby.