Are you a Spiritual Beings?

Spiritual beings - Buddha Spiritual

Ever see someone who claims to be a spiritual person yet they say or post mean things about others? Or there's a sense of being “better” than everyone else? There are even many professionals in this industry who claim to be a spiritual person or one serving spirit, but tools of the trade such as tarot, crystals & prayer do not make one spiritual.

Spirituality comes from the love, compassion & actions we show one another. Extending kindness to a person in need or a stranger, giving someone a compliment or helping out without an expectation are some of the ways that spirituality expresses itself. Understanding that we are all one, connected and “in this together” shows a level of enlightenment.

Just being kind, giving and grateful is one of the many ways that spirituality will grow within you! Being kind with your heart, free with your compassion and eager to lend a helping hand make you so much more spiritual than most self-proclaimed spiritual beings.