You are LOVABLE & positive affirmations!

We can all be so hard on ourselves. The self-judgement, self-loathing and overall dissatisfaction that we can't seem to do anything right. How many times have you looked into the mirror and instead of admiring your beauty, you critique the sagging jaw, pimple on the chin, droopy boobs or spare tire?

Why can easily tell a co-worker that we like their shoes, or that their hair looks good today, but seldom do we see our own reflection and think “I am beautiful”. Well, it's time to change that! If you don't believe in yourself and see your beauty then how can you expect the outside world to respond to your wonder? It all starts with you!

So, here is your assignment: Each day read one of my positive affirmation to yourself in the mirror. Then throughout the day, repeat that affirmation to yourself as often as you can remember! Before bed, say it to yourself one last time as you brush your teeth, wash your face and soon you will start to see your own true beauty! Let yourself shine!