The Power of Positive Affirmations

Seeing a positive affirmation on a sticky note, calendar or card has become common place in today's world, but do you take the time to read it, absorb it and put it into action?

If you're like me, and well most of us, you can become desensitized by the buzz of the world and more often then not, glaze over and miss the message. By practicing the power of positive affirmations you can raise your vibration, thus manifesting the results you truly desire. By slowing down, becoming more present and understanding that affirmations are a form of vibration, we can truly change our language, our actions, our behaviors & our belief systems that no longer serve our highest good! Adding an image to these positive affirmations will also help as we want to engage as many senses as we can. The more senses we can engage, the more our brain will accept the information as fact. The power really does lie within us. We become afraid to access it, believe in it and own it, but remember- you create your destiny. You create your reality. Why not do it in a way that makes you feel complete? Find affirmations that resonate within you. Those are the ones you want to incorporate into you daily mantra. What works for someone else, may not work for you and it's important that you allow yourself to honor your path, not that of someone else. So go out and have fun with this project! Go and find positive affirmations that you can connect with and begin with them in the morning. Say them directly into a mirror. Say them at your desk throughout the day and close with them at night before you close your eyes! Soon, you will feel the power of positive affirmations!