Are you a Spiritual being?

Are you a spiritual being? Want to know how you can tap into your “6th” sense that is within all of us? Its quite simple. Simply work from your heart. Working from a place of love, kindness & compassion is the key to achieving the balance and harmony in your life.  Focus on working without judgment, ego and jealousy. Those are negative vibrations that will only lead to more of that negativity which when you admit it, doesn't feel good. Working from your heart and without any expectation of return will truly yield the greatest satisfaction! By working from your heart you are guided from a loving place-the place that connects all of us. In our busy worlds full of deadlines, timelines and mass media, we forget that we are all sensitive beings. It's easy for someone to post a negative comment about another on Facebook or tweet the latest gossip, but by doing so you are only feeding into the negative frenzy. If you take a moment to set the intention of working in a pure and loving way, you will feel the energy shift within you. You will feel good about a good deed. And you will then realize that you truly are a spiritual being!

So go and spread your love, share your heart with those around you and let your light shine…now go you spiritual being!