Are you connected? Where is your kindness?

When I was a kid, I remember my parents not having enough money to buy Christmas presents for me, my sister and brother. I also remember that for several years, around the holiday, a car would pull up at our apartment. My mom would go down the stairs to greet the person. I would watch from the living room window. They would hand her a large box of wrapped presents. My mom always seemed to be on the verge of tears in saying her “thank you” to the person.

I also remember her going into her bedroom. She would un-wrap each and every gift. She wanted to see which child it would suit best and then she would re-wrap them. Sometimes the gifts were unrelated to anything I thought I would like or play with, but my family ALWAYS stressed a sense of gratitude.

And to this day, I don’t remember those gifts, but I do remember the great lengths my mom went to in order to provide for us and how much effort she put in to making it special. I also remember the kindness of strangers, helping families like mine.

So here’s my question to you:  Do you spread kindness? Do you wake up each day and wonder “how can I make a difference today” or do you sit back and ask “where's mine”? Life can sometimes seem unfair and unkind. But by focusing on what you are being neglected instead of how you can be more connected, you miss out on some of life’s greatest miracles.

Remember, we are all one. We are supposed to help one another. Even in our little everyday actions. You were connected in the womb so show you what life is about.

So I ask…what present are you going to give to a stranger today?