FIVE reasons to choose a certified spiritual advisor

FIVE REASONS why choosing a certified spiritual advisor can make for a better reading experience!

Do you find yourself interested in a psychic or medium reading, but not sure where to start? There seems to be so many options these days for intuitive spiritual advisors that it can make it overwhelming and difficult to choose the right one for you! Well, consider starting with a spiritual advisor that is CERTIFIED.

There are many spiritual certification programs available these days and there always seems to be controversy around whether or not a certification in spiritual work means that the practitioner is better. Although, the certification itself may not indicate that that the spirtual advisor is a better, psychic or medium, it does reflect a few other qualities that may just be an indicator that they are the cream of the crop!


Certified psychics and mediums have gone through TESTING.

This can sometimes be done under rigorous, demanding and stressful conditions. Testing shows that the reader can work under pressure, they can make a connection under stress, and deliver the information they receive accurately. Some testing may even be done under a blind reading. This could mean literally blindfolding the spiritual advisor within a class setting or a blind phone call in which the psychic and/or medium is not given any information about the client and must make a connection.

In most circumstances, the recipient of these readings must provide feedback for the reader and the quality of the session. Was it accurate? Do you feel as if they connected? Were you able to relate to the information given? All of these greatly increases your chances for a successful reading as you know your chosen psychic medium as proven their ability to connect and do so even under pressure


Certification requires DEDICATION.

It shows that your spiritual advisor is dedicated and committed to their spiritual path and has a desire to continue learning and growing within their spiritual capabilities and connections. There is sometimes an argument that if you’re born a psychic or a medium you don’t need to “practice” or get “certified” because your connection is “pure”. Committing to a certification program in no way indicates that your psychic or medium doesn’t already have a “pure” channel. It’s simply saying…”Ok, my level is here, but where else can I take it? Where can I go and grow with spirit?”

Can you name any great athlete that didn’t practice their sport? We all can agree that Michael Jordan was a prodigy of basketball. Tiger Woods a prodigy of golf and Michael Phelps of swimming. Do you think each of them woke up and said, “I’m so naturally gifted that I don’t need to practice today?” Of course, not!


Certification requires DISCIPLINE.

This means your spiritual advisor was required to be accountable. They had a schedule that they adhered to, they committed to a level of hours involved. They showed up and represented their industry, spirit and the client. There are some classes that will lock you out if you are late! International Psychic phenomenon Lisa Williams is notoriously known for locking the door at the start of the class and if someone is late, they don’t get in!

This teaches students to be ON TIME for their client! To respect and honor their clients’ time. Certifications help show that the psychic and/or medium are accountable for their actions.


Psychics and Mediums that are certified spiritual advisors are taught to be PROFESSIONAL.

If they are going to hold a certification under a person or company name, you can pretty much guarantee that they are required to maintain a certain level of professionalism and etiquette within their business. They are taught to be on time for client calls, to not readily cancel an appointment, to give messages with compassion and empathy and to raise the bar within the industry.


Certified psychics and mediums are held to a higher STANDARD.

Usually, with a good certification program the members must agree to certain ethics, policies and rules. They must agree to uphold the standards set forth by the holder of the certification. This is important because it benefits YOU-the client! It’s done to protect the client so that they can trust their spiritual advisor in that session.

A license or certification sets your psychic medium apart from the pack. They are telling the world that they are tested, committed, dedicated, accountable and professional. These are the people that were willing to spend their time, money and effort into showing the community that they are serious and committed to their gift.

Now, not all certifications are equal. If you are looking for a professional reader, check out their certifications. Know where they studied or the name associated with the certification to make sure it’s of a caliber that is respected within the industry. Like any business, a certification doesn’t make someone a “good” psychic or medium and it’s not to say that there are not “good” readers who are not certified, but at the very minimum it serves as a barometer. A little research for a certified spiritual advisor is a nice starting point to finding the right person who fits your needs and objectives for a successful reading!

Colby is a certified Master Teacher, Advanced Psychic and Advanced Medium of the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development and a proud member of BAP-Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics. Both of these esteemed certifications involve vigorous testing, accuracy, professionalism, ethics and client feedback. They have set a new standard in the industry of qualified spiritual advisors-psychics and mediums. Visit to learn more about the certification programs available under Lisa Williams and her certified spiritual advisor directory. Be sure to visit for a full directory of tested and certified spiritual advisors, psychics and mediums.