10 Tips to get you the BEST Psychic Reading!


10 Tips to get you the BEST Psychic Reading!

Are you interested in getting a psychic reading, but unsure of the process? Or have you had a reading and felt that it was vague?

Here are 10 tips to help you understand and ensure you get the BEST Psychic Reading possible!

-Colby, Psychic Rebel


  1. CHOOSE the right Psychic.
    • This doesn’t always mean the most popular psychic.
    • This doesn’t mean the one most readily available.
    • It means, finding the person for YOU!
    • Read their website. Find out who they are and see if you feel drawn to them. This will be your first indicator that your energy works well together! Having the right chemistry is so important to any reading. It’s something that isn’t talked about enough, but look at is an energy date!
    • You want someone you feel comfortable with and that you feel a sense of trust, I mean they are going to get into your personal energy-you want to only invite those who feel right in your gut! This is essential to your psychic reading session!
  1. Find someone with a solid REPUTATION.
    • Any reputable psychic should have reviews and/or testimonials. You can look on Yelp, or their website or even Google can work magic and search psychic reading!
    • Make sure that the reviews are relevant to the session you are getting.
    • You don’t want to choose a Psychic based on their Reiki session testimonials. You want it based on their Psychic readings. Make sure the reviews are relevant to their psychic readings and that they are current. Something from 5 years ago simply isn’t relevant.
  1. Give yourself TIME.
    • When you are in a panic and feel that you need a reading immediately, chances are, you are going to sacrifice quality.
    • Having the space and time to research the right person will pay off in the reading!
    • When you feel emotionally panicked and just go for the first available appointment, you are settling for the best possible experience. Unless you find a reputable site that offers certified and tested psychics.
    • Most working psychics who have a solid reputation and client base are frequently booked in advance. Now, some may have a same day but, honestly, it’s rare. Give yourself TIME. Personally, I don’t even do same day readings!
  1. Be OPEN.
    • Listen, I know you want to test the Psychic,
    • You want to make sure they are legit and real.
    • That they just “know” things about you, but when you are coming from a mindset of “testing” the psychic- you are being CLOSED energetically speaking.
    • Psychics read your aura, your energy. They connect to you on a SOUL level. If you are closed, they will have difficulty reading you. Even the best. Ones. Trust me. If you did your research as previously stated you will already know that your Psychic is the real deal. So go in OPEN. I mean, would you go to the doctor and say to the Dr. “I’m not telling you my symptoms, you should know”? The whole mentality of not saying anything doesn’t make much sense to me personally. I mean, I’m going to tap in and tell you things there’s no way I could know, so let’s work as a team to get the information and the answers you need. You’re paying for the time. It’s your time.
    • Don’t waste time being closed to the process in your psychic reading!
  1. Find someone who allows you to RECORD the session!
    • Proof is in the pudding! Only work with a Psychic who will let you record your session!
    • Sometimes, something may not make sense in the reading, BUT will make sense LATER or in the FUTURE. So if you record it, you have an opportunity to listen to it later!
    • If someone doesn’t let you record, you have to wonder why? Are they hiding something? There are some psychics that will actually record the session for you! However, with the technology of smart phones, I let the client record, it’s quicker and easier for the client to get their psychic reading immediately and in the most practical manner.
  1. Don’t PAY for a CLEANSING.
    • If you've gone in for a psychic reading and find someone is trying to lure you into a cleansing, chakra balancing or curse lifter or anything along those lines, just avoid it! A reputable Psychic is NOT going to try and sell you additional services. They may offer sessions involving life coaching, mediumship, or training, but they aren’t going to tell you that something is wrong with you and you need another service to “fix” it.
  1. Don’t fixate on a specific OUTCOME.
    • When you fixate on a specific outcome or answer, you are avoiding what Spirit wants you to know. Sometimes you may hear something in a NEW way or that quite frankly, may not make sense to you in that moment, but when you are free with the understanding that the intention was set for your “highest” good, then you can allow yourself to surrender to the experience.
  1. Find a psychic who allows QUESTIONS!
    • I’ve had readings where the psychic won’t let you interject or ask questions. I’m like What???? I mean, I get they want to give you what they are getting, which is great, BUT you purchased the session. This is YOUR time and you have a RIGHT to ask questions.
    • But, don’t interrogate the psychic! Honor that they are gifted and professional and trust them!
  1. WRITE your questions down!
    • Before your psychic reading session, take the time to write down the things that inspired you to make the appointment in the first place!
    • This will help you set your INTENTION for the psychic reading!
    • You shouldn’t have to give this list of questions to your psychic, but have them handy, and when the psychic allows you to ask questions, you can pull out your list to ensure they were all answered.
  1. Don’t punish yourself if you experience PSYCHIC AMNESIA!
    • Psychic Amnesia is when the psychic makes a statement, and follows with a question, and you FREEZE! Like “I am hearing the name Martha…and you are like…I don’t know a Martha” then when you leave the session you remember Martha is your Mothers name’! LOL! TRUST ME this has happened! But, treat yourself with love and kindness.
    • This is why a recording is important You can play  back your psychic reading later to catch anything you might have missed!

I do hope these tips help you find the most amazing Psychic for you! If you have read this full article, you are committed to finding that right person so give yourself a pat on the back! Colby is a certified Master Teacher of the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development and certified advanced psychic and medium and a member of Shay Parker’s-Best American Psychics. She was recently named Psychic of the Week by BAP! Learn more about Colby by visiting www.colbyrebel.com and if you need to find a reputable psychic who has been tested and certified visit Lisa Williams’ http://directory.lwissd.com or www.bestamericanpsychics.com!