5 Ways your loved ones in spirit are COMMUNICATING!

loved ones in spirit5 Ways your loved ones in spirit are COMMUNICATING with you!

Do you ask for signs and symbols from your loved ones in spirit, yet feel they do not hear your pleas? Maybe you just want a little validation on what you are getting?

Do you have trouble easily recognizing those signs from loved ones in spirit? Are you second guessing what you get?

 Below are 5 tips that help you understand how your loved ones in spirit are connecting with you!



Spirit just loves MUSIC! Have you noticed a song randomly playing on your radio? Maybe even a song that was popular years ago, you haven’t heard it in a while? Then suddenly! It pops up on the radio! Perhaps, someone mentions a song, or a phrase? This is SPIRIT telling you YES! It’s ME! I’m here!

The song could have so many messages behind it. Maybe your loved one is saying “yes, I’m still here” or “let’s dance” or “remember this one?” Usually, you will connect with the song and the memory associated with that loved one immediately!

Trust your instincts! They are trying to TALK to YOU!


Remember, spirit doesn’t always have the ability to talk to you directly as they had in the physical world, so they use a secondary form of communication. Signs and Symbols.

As a SECONDARY form of communication, loved ones in spirit may use signs & symbols to let you know they are around! Have you seen a butterfly fluttering around? Or perhaps a hummingbird? Bluejay? What about a flower? Rose? Penny!

It’s amazing the great lengths spirit will go to so that you can rest assure that they are with you! And if your loved one was the persuasive type, you can rest assured you will see these signs over and over! What signs have you noticed?


Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find your darn keys? I mean, you just had them a minute ago! You KNOW you put them on the counter! If I could tell you the amount of times spirit has moved keys on a client! It always makes me laugh because it’s just such a sign that spirit is around the person and they are playing pranks! I mean, to me this is great because it lets us know that spirit has a sense of HUMOR!

So the next time your keys go missing or maybe you can’t find the other slipper…don’t get frustrated.  Just stop…laugh and say “oh, dad (or your loved ones in spirit)…really?”


Dream On….have you ever had a very vivid dream of a loved one in spirit, woke up and remembered every detail? Do you still remember as if it was yesterday? This is was an actual VISIT from a loved one in spirit! See…we our most vulnerable when we drift off to sleep. Our guard is down; our conscience mind is taking a rest…that’s when spirit sees their opportunity to visit you without you logically justifying it as a coincidence. They come and may just show you they are OK or that they LOVE your or come forward with an apology.

Each spirit that visits has a personal reason and message for the loved one they are choosing to drop in on in ZZZZZ…land!

So take the opportunity to WRITE down those DREAMS! Reflect on them, remember them and TRUST that your loved one is truly coming by for a friendly visit!


Have you been somewhere and then just felt a breeze come by you for no reason at all? You know the air isn’t on, it’s not windy outside and you certainly know you did not imagine it, yet what could it be? There’s a strong chance this is SPIRIT! For me personally, I always get super cold right when spirit comes in, then I get very warm as they start to use my body for communication. At first it was a weird experience, let me tell you, but without a doubt, I can always tell by temperature when spirit is around!

Even if you don’t necessarily get “cold” or the “chills” you may experience just a “feeling” of a shift in energy. Maybe your heart start to beat faster or the hair on your arms stands up! Regardless of how, you are experiencing the ENERGY of spirit! I find it phenomenal that they have the ability to make us FEEL their presence!

Again, their dedication to ensuring and proving to us they are still very much among us!



Have you been in a room in which the light suddenly flickers? Or the light abruptly turns on? And you KNOW that lightbulb was BURNT out?!

Spirit just LOVES energy! That’s exactly what they are made up from so it’s easy for them to use it as a tool to communicate! I had a client that I told her in a reading that her dad was turning on the light to let her know he’s around. She responded with “the light in the bathroom turned on the other day and it had been completely broken, literally. It came on. It was his birthday that day.” So props to dad for giving his daughter such a clear and undeniable sign!

The above tips are just some ways that your loved ones may be trying to communicate with you! When you get that “feeling” or “thought” that they just popped into your mind, TRUST this is your loved one taking a moment to use their energy to manifest a PHYSICAL ENERGY to let you know they are around you!

That to me is such an amazing sign of LOVE from beyond! Know your loved ones are just a sign or symbol away!

Colby is an international psychic medium, teacher, speaker & author. She is a master spiritual teacher under the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. Additionally, she is a member of Shay Parker's Best American Psychics and has recently been named Psychic of the Week by BAP. To learn more about Colby Psychic Rebel VISIT HERE