5 Keys to unlocking your true potential


Do you have that little voice inside your head that keeps telling you that you are meant for something “more”? Perhaps you have been struggling with finding your true path or purpose? It can happen to all of us.

We get into a daily routine and we convince ourselves that we are stuck. We tell ourselves that there is no way out and we must surrender to the “man” and the “9-5”. Or perhaps, you’ve been working on building your own business and career, but just can’t seem to find that one gem that takes you to the next level?

These 5 KEYS TO UNLOCKING YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL will help you move past your blocks and belief systems so that you can attain everything you’ve ever imagined!


It all starts with your imagination. As we get older we lose spending time in our imagination. Reality sets in and we don’t allow ourselves to dream as much as we did as a kid. We’ve got work, responsibilities and deadlines. Remember when you were a little kid just “playing”? Have you ever baked a cake with mud? This kind of imagination and creativity reminds your subconscious that ANYTHING is possible!

This is the mindset needed to unlock your deepest and purest potential.

If you can imagine your success, truly see it in your mind’s eye then you can attain it. You would be surprised at the amount of ideas that come flooding in when you allow yourself to be creative! So grab some paper and crayons and become that childhood artist again, go outside and play in the dirt, or put some music on and dance like no one is watching!


You may hear the word meditation and want to run for the hills, but wait! Give it a chance. Meditation does not necessarily mean that you have to sit in a Buddha-like position humming to chants. It could be as simple as gardening, going for a walk or taking time to sit on the beach or in a park. Mediation is basically some quiet time to sit with your thoughts and then ask for guidance.

Trust that your higher self already has the answers you seek.

Listen to that voice and allow it to guide you. We all have it, but sometimes we dismiss it because it can trigger fear or worry. So many times we take ourselves out of the game before picking our playing piece.


Knowing and trusting that you have something to offer to the world with just your awesomeness makes all the difference. We may tell ourselves, “I’m not special” or everyone is doing this idea already, “I don’t have a chance”. Of course you have a chance! In fact, you have the ability to create and manifest your opportunities and success. However, if you don’t believe you are worthy and that it’s for “somebody else” then the universe will agree with you. For you create your reality.

Remember that you are unique.

There is only one of you. You are a gift to the world and when you can embrace yourself with love and care, you will find that you have the greatest impact and attract the energy of those who can resonate from your message.


It’s impossible to live without fear. At some point, we have all experienced fear in one form or another, so having some level of fear is perfectly normal. It’s NOT allowing the fear to STOP you that is the key to unlocking your true potential. There’s a saying “always do what makes you most afraid”. This is a powerful affirmation. It will remind you to never let fear paralyze you.

Keep taking that leap of faith and push yourself forward.

Through embracing the concept of fear and turning it into excitement, you can push your own boundaries and limitations. This will result in doing more, achieving more and expanding beyond any belief systems you previously held. When faced with fear, you have to ask yourself “do I truly believe this or is this something I was told by someone else or taught as a kid”? Holding on to someone else’s belief systems will only generate blocks within you. Take the time to find out your true belief systems. If you learn that some of them reside in fear, doubt or worry, then ask your higher self to help you release them. Give yourself permission to move past the fear and into the future.


Of course you will have set backs. You may even consider some of your decisions as failures. Again, this is NORMAL. You just have to learn from them and never QUIT. If at some point, where you are going no longer feels right to you, then give yourself permission to release it. Until then, keep going. So many successful geniuses of our times had plenty of perceived failures, but they didn’t let it thwart their desire to keep going. You got to have that inner fighter that doesn’t allow you to quit.

Get “scrappy”.

Having support around you is essential to helping you stay motivated when you are feeling down. So surround yourself with friends and family that support your plight and keep them close. When you are feeling down or need encouragement, talk to them, allow their love and support to help you push through.

Those are the 5 KEYS TO UNLOCKING YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL. Feel free to share them, print them and keep them handy so that you can refer back when you need that little extra boost to help keep you on track.

It’s truly up to you to now.

Embrace and love yourself. Your uniqueness is your power. By incorporating the above 5 keys into your own life, you will see a shift in the energy you put out into the world helping you reach your fullest potential.


Colby is a certified spiritual master teacher through the LWISSD-Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development and a tested and approved member of BAP-Best American Psychics by Shay Parker. Colby has recently been named Psychic of the Week by BAP. Colby currently teaches spiritual development in Los Angeles, CA and provides private and group reading services. Visit www.colbyrebel.com for more information.