The SOCIAL MEDIA PSYCHIC: Spirit & Social Media in a Modern World!

Part of the myth or stereotype around psychics is that they are too ethereal, “airy fairy” or dressed as a gypsy clinging to their crystal ball. They are commonly found connecting to angels, guides and aliens to clear chakras, curses and spells. You may frequently come across their flyer placed on your windshield or find them on any corner in their shops with neon lit signs promising abundant futures for $5.

SOCIAL MEDIA PSYCHIC-Spirit & Social Media in a Modern World!

Ok, this is a serious exaggeration, but you get the point! How many of you have come across this stereotype?

What about the modern day psychic medium? The social media psychic?

Where does this social media psychic fit in between the stereotypes and skeptics? What if adaption is playing a part in spirit? Many psychics and mediums try to declare that social media is a negatively impacting the spirit world. Many feel that there is only one way to work to show that you are truly working with a spirit connection. However, having a spiritual connection isn’t about tarot cards, crystal balls or pendulums. Those are all fantastic, but they are merely tools of the trade. It’s about your intention, what’s in your heart, your moral compass and working for the highest good. This is what will help create a pure psychic and medium connection and not one based on the need for tools. The same goes for social media. Social media does not create the spiritual connection, it merely expresses it.

Trust that it is OK to try new things even if they don’t follow the traditional rules or stereotypes set forth by those before you. It took the pioneers of spirituality to be rebels in their own way in order to create change in the belief system of society.

Maybe you are meant to redefine those rules too?

For the social media psychic, they are expanding into a new realm. We all understand the concept of evolution. Adaption is required for survival. Perhaps, spirit is adapting to the modern psychic medium so that they can fit in with this social media crazed world to get their message across more effectively?

With social media, like Facebook being one of the greatest inventions for communication since the telephone, there is no reason why spirit wouldn’t want us to connect and communicate in a more mainstream way. It makes a lot of sense really. Posting, liking, and sharing gets the stories, philosophy and messages of spirit out into the world in a quicker, fresher and more massive way. Social media is equivalent to modern transportation. The horse and buggy were great, but adaption and invention of the airplane has made travel more accessible even for the average person to utilize and enjoy.

If the common goal is to have the work with spirit become more mainstream than we have to find a way to fit in better to make it more “normal”. The quickest way to remove the stigma of the corner psychic with the neon lit sign and replace it with the organic and true purpose of spirit work is to embrace the modern world and the social media savvy generations.

Serving spirit is ultimately the objective and being spiritual is about following your heart in a way that makes sense for you and works for the highest good of those you come in contact with and if that requires a tweet, then so be it!

Release the perception people will have of you. Work from a place that you feel is pure, even if it’s not in sync with how others around you are doing it because those who are meant to receive your gift will come to you. Spirit already has that in place. Don’t be afraid to be relevant. In no way does it diminish your gifts or your connection.

And by all means, if you feel inspired to tweet, post or connect, then allow spirit to work with you that way! Go and be the best Social Media Psychic and know that you are serving spirit in your quest!

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Colby is a certified master spiritual teacher of the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development and is a certified advanced Psychic and Medium among the LWISSD program. Colby is also a member of Shay Parker's BAP-Best American Psychics.  Feel free to learn more about Colby by visiting Psychic Rebel.