Spirit Miracle. A lost ATM card is reunited.

Spirit works for a lost ATM card findHave you ever lost your ATM card? It can be frustrating!  What would you do if you found someone else's card? Would you take that extra step to return it to it's righteous owner?

What if you were guided by Spirit?

That's exactly what happened to me yesterday. I went shopping at the local mall. In the area was a bank and since I needed to make a deposit, I stopped at the ATM machine. I thought “perfect” this is so “convenient”! As I went to insert my card into the slot, I noticed there was a card left behind.

At first, I thought, well, let me leave it on the shelf in case they come back. Spirit had a different plan. I heard “No, take it with you” and I thought “well, it would be safer for the person”. So I did, I took it.

As I made my way inside the mall, I then heard “look for him on FB” and my logical brain was like “WHAT? There's no way!”

Well, I entered his name and it came up instantly. Spirit said “that's him!” And the craziest thing of all? Although we were NOT FB friends, we did have one mutal friend in common.

In a city with 10.1 million residents, with everyone buzzing around, what are the odds that I would find the ATM card of someone whom I would then share a mutual friend with on FB?

I sent him a message and he responded and gave details about where he lost the card. Once I was confident that he was the owner, I met him in a public place and returned his card. He must've thought I was crazy! But, I know the feeling & frustration of losing your ATM card. He was grateful and Spirit was served!

I never cease to be amazed by the power of Spirit. Trust Spirit. Trust what you get. Honor it. Listen to it. Allow it to guide you. If you are ever lost, Spirit will guide you back home!

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