Yesterday I was hanging out in Corona Del Mar, CA for their annual Christmas Walk event. I went with my friend and as we walked by a Toys for Tots drive, I noticed it was conveniently located outside of a toy store. Without hesitating, I bolted inside. My friend was caught off guard and said “this is the last place I thought I'd see you in”! I have to admit, she had a point, I don't have children and certainly don't have a strong desire to hang out in a toy store.

Here's the story she didn't know.

When I was a kid, holidays were extremely rough for my mom. I can remember each year, when it got close to Christmas that a car would drive up to our apartment. Someone would get out and hand my mom a big box of wrapped gifts. I would watch her from the apartment window. Then my mom would go into her bedroom and disappear for hours. We weren't allowed to disturb her. It was a few years later that I caught on and understood why.

In that room, she would unwrap each and every gift. Decide which of us kids it would best suit, and then re-wrap the gift to absolute perfection. I can only image the time it must have taken her. I knew it had to have been difficult for her to not be able to just go out and buy what she wanted for us. I can see the benefit of why the toy remains unwrapped!

Here's what I still think about, is how much she must have loved us that she was willing to put herself aside and ask strangers for help. You know the remarkable thing? Strangers WOULD help. Strangers DO help.

I love that my mom would do that for me. When I was younger, I promised I was going to pay it forward. So each year, I find ways to give back at the holidays that go beyond just donating money. Picking out a toy for a kid I don't know was actually a lot of fun! I was nervous thinking…”will they like it” or “do I get the heart or the pony”?

For all of you wondering, I went with the pony.

I can tell you from personal experience that the generosity, love and kindness I was shown by strangers at such a young age, truly had an impact on me as an adult. It made me want to be a better person because I experienced the impact of a simple gesture. I've never been able to personally thank those who've donated to me, but I do hope my actions have shown my gratitude.

So consider forfeiting a week of  gingerbread lattes this holiday season and use those funds to purchase a gift for a child in need!

You may just end up changing a childs' life. If each of us can make a difference by giving a toy to a child, giving them hope, then imagine the future that we will be creating!

Here's the link for Toys For Tots just in case this blog inspired you!

Thanks Mom and I Love You.


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