Colby-Psychic Rebel: The Spicy Lady

Watch Colby as she connects to spirit and brings forward The Spicy Lady. With clear evidence, Colby connects a young man to his mother and delivers her message of love. Messages from spirit reassure us that our loved ones are still very much among us.

Witness how spirit communicates with Colby as The Spicy Lady brings forward her personality, sense of humor & quirks! YES! She liked a clean house! Colby provides the audience with details giving them a very clear visual of who this wonderful lady was and how much she meant to those around her! Spirit is everpresent and everlasting in this remarkable demonstration of The Spicy Lady. A mother who loved her husband, children & a clean house!

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Real World Psychic Medium Colby, Psychic Rebel, is known for her integrity and down to earth approach in delivering messages from Spirit. As a profound spiritual advisor, Colby has a passion for reuniting those who have lost someone in their life. Originally from NJ, Colby brings her east coast personality for some west coast healing!

Colby is a master spiritual teacher of the LWISSD and a certified and tested member of Best American Psychics by Shay Parker. Colby currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she serves as a professional psychic, medium, teacher author and public speaker. CLICK HERE to book a session with Colby.

You can catch colby on her show Psychic REBEL Live aired on or subscribe to her itunes podcast Psychic Rebel. She also hosts a monthly show REBELations  on OMRadio. Additionally, she also appears as a guest on Calling Out with Susan Pinsky.

Colby is also a published author in the esteemed publications OM Times Magazine and Finer Minds.