Colby-Psychic Rebel: The Stubborn Lady

Watch as Colby connects to The Stubborn Lady! She's a feisty mom who tells it like it is! She brings forward her sassiness but also a message of love and symbols of butterflies! Margarita takes a moment to tell her daughter how much she loves her! With laughter and fun, Margarita's heartfelt message gets to her daughter!

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Colby is a master spiritual teacher of the LWISSD and a certified and tested member of Best American Psychics by Shay Parker. Colby has been vigorously tested and is currently a certified Master Spiritual Teacher of the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. She has also recently been named Psychic of the Month-January 2016 by Shay Parker's Best American Psychics. currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she serves as a professional psychic, medium, teacher author and public speaker.

You can catch colby on her show Psychic REBEL Live aired on or subscribe to her itunes podcast Psychic Rebel. She also hosts a monthly show REBELations  on OMRadio. Additionally, she also appears as a guest on Calling Out with Susan Pinsky.

Colby is also a published author in the esteemed publications OM Times Magazine and Finer Minds.