It is with great honor that Colby announces the LWISSD-SUMMIT. It is an absolute honor to be selected by Lisa Williams to represent the Los Angeles area.


If you are ready to commit to your spiritual path & have a desire to study psychic mediumship, click the LINK to complete your application.


Due to high demand the Advanced Psychic Mediumship Course has been newly developed to offer the possibility of dual certification in advanced psychic and advanced mediumship techniques.

Based on over 20 years of international experience as a psychic medium, Lisa  Williams has developed a unique curriculum that covers the distinct difference between a psychic and mediumship connection to energy—an area of development often misunderstood and overlooked in the spiritual arts.

By learning the difference, avoiding common pitfalls, discovering and building on strengths, and practicing the most appropriate techniques for each type of frequency, students will come away with increased skills and the confidence that they are facilitating the highest quality readings appropriate for the type of area they will specialize in, in their individual fields.

The Advanced Psychic Mediumship Course is a 12 week online course, along with a mandatory 4 day intensive/workshop.

This is a certified course, meaning those who pass will be certified as either an:

  • Advanced Psychic
  • Advanced Medium
  • Advanced Psychic Medium (dual certification)

by the LWISSD. All certifications are valid for 5 years.

(Certificates of Completion are issued for those who do not meet the other criteria upon evaluation, but who complete the course in its entirety.) 


  • 12 video lessons with Lisa Williams
  • lessons are made available each week in the form of on-demand videos.
  • 12 lessons will address new aspects of developing your gift appropriately and with the highest ethical standards.
  • 7 conference calls with Lisa Williams to discuss your development
  • Homework to advance your learning
  • All homework is mandatory and is a requirement for certification.
  • Course notes from each lesson will be made available for students as well as weekly homework.
  • 4-day intensive workshop with a LWISSD Master Teacher
  • 15 minute consultation to discuss your development after the workshop
  • Certificate of Completion or Certified Spiritual Advisor™ Certificate


Through a private group forum students will be able to ask specific questions and gain guidance and help from Lisa personally.
They will also be able to find support and lifetime friendships in fellow classmates as they take this 3 month, life-changing journey together.

The final four day intensive portion of the course is mandatory for students to receive the ‘Certificate of Completion’.  The 4-Day intensive will be taught by Colby in the Los Angeles, CA area.
The intensive portion of the course provides over 32 rigorous hours of in-person time with a Certified Master Teacher™ as they lead students through demanding skill testing activities that not only challenge students to work outside their comfort zone but vastly stretch their abilities within a short time frame.
All students will be required to carry out at least 3 readings with the public during the intensive workshop.
Travel and lodging is at the expense of the student for the four day intensive.

All students will be given a private 15 minute telephone consultation at the end of the course with their Master Teacher to discuss their development. They will provide individualized suggestions and insight based on the student’s performance during the class. This is an opportunity to answer any career and development specific questions that students may have.

Note: Completion of course does not guarantee certification.

Students must complete all homework in a timely manner, interact with fellow classmates in the group forum as needed, pass a rigorous skills-based and in-person intensive, and provide at least 3 readings to the public under your teachers observation to become certified. For those who do not pass, additional training and/or mentoring must be completed before a second certification exam will be considered.
This course requires a dedicated commitment of time, focus and energy on the part of the student for the entire 12 weeks.  It is not recommended for those beginning major life transitions that may take away from the commitment required of the course.


Lisa and the Master Teachers are committed to your learning and development and will personally ensure that you feel safe every step of the way. The teaching approach is very ‘hands on’ and you will be guided and encouraged to step beyond your comfort zone to develop your gift further. Not only will you grow spiritually but you will also find that this will help you grow emotionally and help you with any chance that you wish to take in your life.



  • Importance of protection and energetic flow
  • The art of meditation
  • How to raise your vibration
  • Strengthening your connection to your guides
  • Connecting to the bodies energy system
  • Exploring life paths
  • Hierarchy of Spiritual Guides
  • Isolating your senses
  • Symbol interpretation
  • Delivering accurate information
  • Opening and closing your link
  • Recognizing the major differences between a psychic vs. medium reading
  • How to recognize when you’ve shifted energies from a mediumship to psychic reading
  • Strengthening your connection to Spirit
  • Learning your weaknesses and strengthening them in the different “clairs”
  • Gaining specific information
  • Speed readings
  • Advanced symbolism
  • The etiquette of Mediumship
  • Practical reading techniques
  • Physical Mediumship
  • Message delivery & the art of communication
  • Psychic detection
  • Guidance and ideas on professionalism and how to set up your own business
  • Ethical and best practices
  • The grieving process of the client and how to assist
  • Plus much more…

Payment plans are available