3 Tips to survive an ENERGY VAMPIRE

You all know that person. The one who makes you feel more exhausted after a conversation with them! The one who is all about ME! ME! ME! Well, they have a name! Energy Vampire! An energy vampire is someone who feels the whole world revolves around them! They seem to complain about EVERYTHING, gossip, tend to be poor listeners and leave you feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

You may work with them, be related to them or in a relationship with them! So what do you do? Do you have to deal with this draining person for the rest of your life? Honestly, the answer could be yes. But, you also have the ability to make some changes so that this person’s energy doesn’t feel as intense.

It would be unrealistic for us to believe that we can disconnect from every single energy vampire we come in contact with. Energy Vampires run rampant in our world! Whether its social media or the workplace, you probably encounter an energy vampire every day!


Here are 3 TIPS to help you handle Energy Vampires.

  1. Turn your mirrors out. Normally, we take energy from others in. If you’re an empath (meaning you feel the emotions of another being) than you are even more sensitive to the impact of energy vampires. So absorbing this energy over and over is what is leaving you exhausted, depressed and overwhelmed. They are draining your battery. If you turn your mirrors out (meaning you reverse the energy flow) they are forced to look at their own energy. You can simply do this by thinking of your palms as mirrors. Remember the “Talk to the Hand” that was so popular a few years ago? Yes, think of it somewhat like that. You basically reject the energy the other person is exuding. Doing this will really help you own what is your energy and give back what is not.


  1. Clear Protection Box. Think of a clear telephone booth. It’s solid, stable and protective. You get inside (energetically). You can emit your energy without sacrificing your power, yet someone else’s energy cannot penetrate the box. This is your protective haven! This will work great in crowds, workplaces and malls, places where the energy can be so heavy you leave feeling like you’re coming down with a cold! The clear protection box takes practice. You have to build up the wall energetically so don’t worry if takes you some time to build up the ability to maintain it for a period of time.


  1. Clearing Tools. There are many tools that can be used in helping you cleanse the energy left behind by an energy vampire. Although, cleansing can be done with intention, some people may find the use of tools to make it easier and concrete. Sage is a great source for burning and clearing energy in a house or space that feels a bit heavy. Another great tool is carrying the crystal Black Tourmaline. It’s known for its protective elements and can be placed by a work station, in a pocket or a purse. Can definitely be helpful against the ever enduring battle against the energy vampire!


Colby is a master spiritual teacher of the LWISSD and a certified and tested member of Best American Psychics by Shay Parker. Colby serves as a professional psychic, medium, teacher, author, and public speaker. She currently hosts REBELations on iOM radio on Shay Parker’s BEST of the BEST every 2nd Tuesday of the month. She also has her own podcast Psychic REBEL on itunes as well as her UBNradio.com show Psychic REBEL Live!