Work through a FUNK!

We all can go through a funk. Those times when it feels as if everything is going wrong and we can’t seem to find our way. Our day can start out perfectly well, then one thing after another seems to happen. Perhaps someone cuts us off the road, we have an argument, issue at work or situation at home. All of these can be contributing factors in creating an epic funk!

Experiencing a funk is completely normal. However, how you handle it will dictate how long you stay in that vibration. The quicker you can raise your vibration, the shorter the funk will last. When we have these periods it’s important to stay positive.

#1 Being optimistic is one of the key ingredients to raising our vibration. If we can look at the glass “half full” then it will help remind us that everything happens for a reason. So if it’s a work situation, then perhaps, that nudge you’ve been previously given to start looking for something new has now become a huge push in a direction that is unexpected. When we hesitate to make change, spirit may decide to take the wheel and start creating that change for us. This may happen in the most impractical ways and inconvenient times, but the more we can surrender the easier shift will feel.

#2 Practicing gratitude can also help shift us out of that funk! When we are focusing on everything that is going wrong, we will simply feed that energy and create more of it, whether conscious or not. Taking a few minutes to make a mental note of what we are truly grateful for can certainly raise our mood and move us out of that funk!

#3 Lastly, it’s having trust in our spirit team. Yes, the funk feels awful. We are not sure of our next step, feeling a little insecure about our direction and afraid of making the wrong decision. If we can simply relax and trust that our team is working for our highest good, it can help to relieve the pressure off of ourselves and allow us to embrace the changes. Understanding that everything we are experiencing is part of our journey and remembering “this too shall pass” will help us move from funk to fabulous in no time at all!