Life is about the unexpected! Now what happens when you inadvertently make a prediction?

The other day I went with a friend to a Kentucky Derby themed wine tasting event at the Gone with the Wind house in Culver City. There were many vendors present; one in particular was selling perfume. I stopped at the table and there were two people spraying samples onto beautiful rose petals. I never randomly give a reading, in fact, I am always teaching that we should not do it; however, on a very rare occasion or two, spirit compels me to break my own rules.

I said to them “are you a couple“? They responded “yes“. Now, it wasn't obvious that they were a couple, they could have been siblings, co-workers, friends, etc. but their energy spoke romance. I then said to the guy “time to propose” and he laughed and she laughed. And she said “Exactly, Right?” he laughed and said  “I know, I know, it's all in the pocket!” I said “she's perfect for you, you are perfect for one another”.  I then told them I needed to take the rose petal sample to my friend as I thought she would love the perfume.

My friend loved the perfume so we went back to the table and the woman was alone. She looked at me with the biggest smile and said “Thank you, I really needed to hear that today“. Her boyfriend's birthday was the next day and I said, “I wonder if he'll propose on his birthday?” We all had a great girl giggle. My friend loved their Blanc perfume which had been delicately sprayed onto a single white rose petal. She took her white rose petal and purchased the perfume for her upcoming nuptials. We all parted ways laughing and feeling great! Over cocktails that night we couldn't help but notice the white rose on the table. We talked about the couple and took the photo to share it with them.

Last night, I received an email from our perfumery friend. She said “Colby, you will never believe what happened today on Mulholland Drive!” Then she attached the photo! I felt so grateful that it had meant so much to her that she felt compelled to share it with me! So now we have TWO upcoming weddings and many stories for us all to share! To learn more about the Fragrances of Wine perfume CLICK HERE and use coupon code FOWUNCORKEDLA30 for a special 30% off for being a loyal REBEL reader!