The Dan Patrick Show-Dream Analysis


I was super excited to be invited on The Dan Patrick Show today on the NBC network to analyze one of Dan's recent dreams. Dan Patrick is a renowned sportscaster for NBCSN, radio personality, and actor. In his dream, Dan was throwing jump shots with 76 Sixers JJ Redick and wanted to find out the meaning behind the dream.

Dan himself had great basketball potential in college,  but his career never fully blossomed as he didn't get enough play time on the court due to differences with the coach. In this dream, it's very clear that Dan was being shown a parallel life. One that used JJ Redick to show Dan the level of success he would have attained if he had gone pro. This is a unique dream as it also allows him to see his purpose and that his true calling was to connect with the public.  You can watch Dan's original episode HERE:

We all have dreams. There are many types of dreams from Spirit visitations, Astral travel, premonitions and others that show us what our life could have been. Grab a journal and jot down your dreams. You will be surprised at what type of dreams you are having when you're enjoying your ZZZZZ's.

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