5 Essentials Tips To Attaining Success in 2018


5 Essential Tips to Attaining Success in 2018

Do you set resolutions every year to only arrive at the end of the year still in the same position and feeling stuck?  You were so diligent with your list. You were clear on your goals and stated your positive affirmations daily. You worked so hard so what happened?

Don't worry, you are NOT alone! This scenario is more common than you may think; we go into the New Year with enthusiasm and hope only to find ourselves deflated by mid-year. It's not the goals, affirmations or your list that is at fault. It's simply creating a better plan. In order to reach attainable goals it’s imperative to be specific about what you truly want to manifest. When setting intentions we tend to be vague or we ask for things that we truly don’t want, but somehow feels it’s what we “should” desire so we jot it down on our list of resolutions.

Here are 5 essential tips to attaining success in 2018.


In order to do this, you must sit with your soul to discover what it truly wants. A great exercise that helps is automatic writing. You just need about 15 minutes, a pad, writing utensil and a bit of peace. Sit in a comfortable space and take a few slow breaths in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Ask your higher self to reveal to you what it needs to feel fulfilled in the various areas of your life.

  • Do you need more play time?
  • A new career?
  • A stronger relationship?
  • A change in living location?
  • Financial security?
  • Creative hobbies?

There are no “right” answers; there are only answers that are “right” within you. Start writing and release logic. Work from your intuition and higher self to reveal the answers. Write for 15 minutes. When the time is up go back over what you have written. You may surprise yourself at the answers since you’ve probably covered them through the years with the thoughts and feelings of what others thought you should desire. This writing will serve as the foundation of your intentions.


Break down what you have written in your intentions and create a list by placing each intention into the various areas of your life.

Family | Love |  Finance | Career | Legal |Health

Dividing them up into the various groups provides clarity.

In each area your life, you should now have an intention, from that intention, ask yourself “What steps do I need to take to achieve this goal?” This may feel overwhelming at first because you are projecting into the future. Putting yourself in the future can create anxiety and stress because you are carrying the doubts you currently hold. Release any stress connected to whether or not you believe it’s achievable, just write the goal and the steps. This will help you remain present so that you don’t create negative self-talk. If you tend to be a more visual person then put this up on a poster board or create a vision board with images as it will serve as a constant reminder of these intentions.


Now the fun begins! Each day focus on one area on your board. Within that area, look as the steps you wrote. From those steps ask yourself, what is the very next move I can make in the direction of that intention? We sometimes set such unrealistic time frames related to our goals that we can give up on them before we even give them time to manifest. So if your goal was to lose two clothing sizes for the New Year, you can’t create a step that says “losing weight”.  The steps must be more specific. Are you trying to live healthier? Are you having health issues? List steps that are smaller, bite-sized and realistic. Start with committing to a healthier breakfast in the morning. Consider joining a movement class that requires you to be accountable. Finding what works for you is essential to success. If you are not a morning person, avoid an exercise routine that requires you show up for class early!


Remembering that you are responsible for your own success or failure with the intentions will help keep you on course. Self-discipline is a key factor in staying on track. When you are feeling a bit unsure or disheartened then reach out for support.

Share your intentions with a friend, family member or trusted colleague so that they can help with reassurance when in need, but just remember that only you can create the change you seek.

Check in with yourself at the end of the week and give yourself a report card. Did you do well in all areas? Did you fall behind in some? Understanding where you are in the process will guide you to the next week. If you have a bad week, don’t give up. Be loving to yourself and know that setbacks are natural, not permanent. If you are discovering that you are avoiding the intentions in one area of your life, ask yourself, “am I blocked in this area” or “am I holding onto a limiting belief system”?

When you ask the questions, your soul will know the answers. If you receive a yes, then work past your fears and stay on target with your goals. Over time and with persistent dedication you will build confidence and remove the blocks that are holding you back from your true potential.


Keeping your goals detailed and specific to your soul will put you on the path to happiness and fulfillment. Staying present with the goals will help avoid anxiety. With each intention, just ask yourself “what is my very next step?” that is the direction you want to keep moving towards. By taking little steps consistently, you will achieve your goals and create a more balanced and successful life in the process!

Integrating these 5 tips is your sure-fire plan for attaining your goals and manifesting success in the New Year!

Remember, we can all get off track now and again. Don't punish or pity yourself when this happens. Go back to your plan and pick yourself up and move forward and use your goals as motivation to keep you moving forward!


Colby is a certified master spiritual teacher of the LWISSD (Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development) and author of the best selling book Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business. Colby is a professional Psychic Medium and owner of the Colby Rebel Spirit Center in Los Angeles, CA. You can catch Colby weekly on her show LIVE with Colby Rebel on UBNradio.com where she takes callers on air. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for the latest inspirational videos.