Why Mediumship Creates Healing


When a medium connects to a loved one in spirit, they will usually deliver some concrete evidence such as age, relationship, career and names. The deeper connection begins when they can blend with the energy of that spirit and share their personality, habits and memories. This gives the recipient an opportunity to feel their loved one with them in the room. They can walk down memory lane with their loved one in spirit.

Using the medium, the spirit can manifest so strongly that the body language and posture of the medium will change as a result of blending with that spirit. This is not a possession type of experience but yet a sharing of space, a coming together for the unified purpose of communicating to the sitter. The spirit will use the physical senses of the medium to express themselves. For example, the spirit may show the medium pictures or whisper words to them. From seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing, the medium serves as a toolbox for spirit. The spirit can access which tools are needed to get their evidence and message delivered to the recipient in the most accurate way.

When this connection is taking place there may be laughter and tears. In these moments there is a true healing that is difficult to put into words because it's a transfer and connection of energy. The amount of love that comes forth with a message can be so powerful that the sitter leaves with an overwhelming sense of peace and closure. It's as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. It's a beautiful dance between the recipient,  the loved one in spirit and the medium. Spirit reminds us that they are still with us. They are still among us, they have simply released their physical uniform. This in itself is healing to the recipient because it's reassurance that their loved one has not left them.

By a medium sharing details of the spirit with the sitter, it creates this sense of validation. The recipient realizes that the medium does not know this loved one in spirit, yet have the ability to capture them so clearly that it leaves no doubt in the sitter's mind that their loved one is with them. This validation is another form of healing.

There is this sacred bond between the medium, spirit and the sitter. It is an honor to have the opportunity to hold the space for spirit and through each session, it becomes more and more evident that the healing isn't only reserved for the recipient, but there is always some given to the medium as well.

When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable to one another and the spirit world, we can create love and healing together.

*This blog was inspired by this beautiful message that sent to me. I thought if I ever doubted leaving accounting, this is why I knew to listen to spirit. There is beautiful healing in our connection to the other side.

“On behalf of my mother I would like to thank you for the reading that you gave her. Not sure if you remember but you spoke to my mother on December 19th her name is XXXXX. You have no idea how long she waited for this opportunity to present itself. For as long as I could remember she’s carried the guilt of not being able to travel to Peru to see her grandfather one last time. Thank you for giving my mother the closure that she needed from her grandparents, specifically from her grandfather whom she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. You were so accurate on everything, my goodness we cried and laughed so much!! Colby you are amazing at what you do!

You leaving your accounting job was the best decision you made. We needed a person like you, the gift you have is just incredible. The fact that you share and you teach other people what you know is just amazing.




Colby is a certified master spiritual teacher of the LWISSD (Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development) and author of the best selling book Leap of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business. Colby is a professional Psychic Medium and owner of the Colby Rebel Spirit Center in Los Angeles, CA. You can catch Colby weekly on her show LIVE with Colby Rebel on UBNradio.com where she takes callers on air. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for the latest inspirational videos.