Soulmate or Settling? Find out in 5 steps.


Soulmate or Settling? – Find Out in FIVE steps.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you may be questioning your romantic status. Are you in a relationship that’s lost its romance and passion or have you reconciled to being alone?

As we grow older, the idea of change is frightening. We stop trusting ourselves and choose to settle for fear of making a mistake.



Here are FIVE steps to finding your truth in Love, Relationships & Romance!

  1. Look at yourself in the mirror? How do you feel? What do you see? Do you look back at yourself and feel a sense of pride and acceptance for who you are? Or do you see slumped shoulders, an aging body and a tendency to focus on your perceived flaws? It’s so important to look at yourself with love and acceptance. You start with celebrating you! That’s your first step.

2. Let’s say you are in a relationship. When you go to bed at night do you look at your partner and think “I’m really lucky to have this person next to me?” Finding your truth in love, relationships and romance means being able to speak the truth to yourself. If you don’t look at that partner and feel a sense of gratitude and excitement, then you have to ask yourself “WHY?” At what point did it start to taper off? Try to pinpoint the timing of when that feeling started to slip away and then ask yourself what was going on during that time? Sometimes, it’s a matter of refocusing that can bring us closer to our partner.

3. Is the family stepping in too much? Have other family members become so involved in your relationship that you’ve lost a sense of privacy? It’s time to hold your boundaries and politely tell them to butt out!

4. I have so many clients that want to know when their Mr. /Ms. RIGHT is coming along! But when I tap in, its years away and it’s because I’m being told that they aren’t putting themselves out there! You have to make yourself available! You find love when your heart is OPEN! So open your heart.

5. Life is about ACTION! You have to hold yourself accountable for your own happiness. You can’t blame your spouse (or lack thereof) or your family. You are the master of your happiness. Blaming others won’t help you achieve happiness or fulfilment; in fact, it will only lower your vibration. The more positive energy you can focus into your life the more you will see luck, gratitude and opportunity come forward to you because like attracts like!

I hope these 5 steps have given you a starting ground to finding your truth in Love, Relationships & Romance! Happy Valentine’s Day from ME!

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Colby is a professional psychic medium and teacher who enjoys helping students around the world develop their intuitive and spiritual gifts. She’s an internationally recognized Psychic Medium, Certified Master Spiritual Teacher, Radio Host of the hit show Live with Colby Psychic Rebel, Best-Selling Author & Public Speaker located in Los Angeles, CA. Colby is a certified master teacher of the LWISSD. Colby spent 14 years in tax and accounting and in 2016 she released her book Leap Of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business which quickly became an Amazon best seller.