Amazing Sign from Spirit


An amazing sign from Spirit.

In a session today,  a father stepped through for his daughter and he showed me a heart made from stones.

At first, she couldn't understand the image. Digging a little deeper, I said “Are you sure he didn't make you a heart out of stones? This is what he is showing me“.

Again, she shook her head no.

A few minutes later, the image came back and I knew I had to trust this was a strong sign from him. I told her that I was seeing it again and he is being persistent. I said:

He knows about the heart of stones.” and “He wants you to know he was with you.”

Her eyes then looked with absolute shock and she burst into tears.  I let her have a moment and then gave a smile and said: “I'm guessing you remember?” She shook her head up and down and said “YES“. “OMG, I can't believe I forgot, but when we went to clean out his house after his passing,  I made a heart from stones in the backyard and left it for him“.

This moment was so beautiful because her father was making it so clear that he was with her and that he is aware of the beautiful gift she had made for him.

Loved ones are giving you signs and may you see them and feel peace as they are truly beautiful miracles.

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