9 Tips-BEST Mediumship Demonstration Experience


Make the Most of a Mediumship Demonstration Experience With spiritual awareness becoming ever more present in today’s world, mediumship galleries or sometimes referred to as platform demonstrations are more popular than ever. What is mediumship demonstration?

Mediumship demonstration is a gathering in which people come together as a group to witness the evidence and miracle of the afterlife as provided by a medium, spirit communicator. The intention is for the medium to deliver evidence that provides evidence of the afterlife. There are many ways to make our experience enjoyable and fulfilling.

Here are 9 tips to ensure the best mediumship demonstration experience: Going with an open mind. Attending a gallery event with an open mind is by far the most important tip. Having an attitude that anything is possible opens the doors for the spirit world. With an open mind, we will be able to acknowledge the evidence and creates endless possibilities for our loved ones to communicate with us. Claiming your loved one. This one may seem obvious, but we can sometimes forget to claim our loved ones in spirit.

As audience members, we may be afraid to raise our hand to the evidence being presented. Yes, it all makes sense we think and we can take this fact and that memory, yet we do not raise our hand. When this happens, we create a chance to miss that message from our loved one.

We must do our part by raising our hand when the information connects and trust that the medium will know if that spirit is for us or not. Remembering psychic amnesia. We can all experience psychic amnesia. The medium says a name and we draw a blank. Not sure if we know that name to only realize later that it is our name!

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