Lunar Eclipse-5 Tips To Purge Old Energy

A lunar eclipse is the perfect time to let go of the old and bring in the new. Lucky for you there is a lunar eclipse on Friday, July 27th, 2018. This will be the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century. A lunar eclipse is when the moon passes into the Earth's shadow. It is sometimes referred to as a “blood moon” for the stunning orange color that it changes to during the eclipse.

What does this mean for you?

This is a magnificent time to release hurt, pain, anger and anything else that may be holding you back from happiness. This is an incredible opportunity to set your intentions and goals.

Here are FIVE tips to help you purge old energy.



Write a letter to anyone who has hurt you. In this letter, pour your heart out. Tell this person how they made you feel and the pain it caused you. This is about letting go. Once your letter is written, go under the moon and say a prayer to the universe. It could be anything that feels right for you, but as an example it might be as follows:

“I release what no longer serves my highest good. I release it all to the universe and with that I surrender.”

You may need to write more than one letter. In fact, you may want to write a letter to yourself. Forgiving yourself for anything you have placed blame or guilt. This powerful healing exercise will help you to release residual pain that you may have been carrying.


Time to clear the energy! If you have any crystals in the house, place them in a saucer with water and set them out under this full moon. The energy of the moon will naturally cleanse them and help to reset their energy. This also works great for any sentimental jewelry that may have some negative energy attached to it. When we wear jewelry or touch our crystals, we put our worries, fears and thoughts into these items. By placing them under the moon, we are naturally giving them an “energy bath”.


The full moon also represents an opportunity to manifest what you desire. Have you been putting your goals off? Now is the time to write them down with commitment. Take a notepad and pen and and sit under the moon. With pad in hand,  state each intention with confidence and clarity to help you recharge your mojo and ambition. Be as specific as you can with each of your goals so that you are clear on your intentions.


Are you being controlled by your emotional blocks? Allow the energy of the lunar eclipse to help you release these emotional blocks. Sit quietly under the moon and reflect on the areas that you feel “stuck”. One by one, set them free. By saying each block out loud and asking the universe to help you remove them, you will start to feel the energy move within your body.


As the lunar eclipse represents the end of a cycle, it's a chance for your to change your habits. As in the other tips, you are letting go of old patterns and pain. You want to do the same with your personal habits. Is there a habit that you've been holding onto for too long? Is it working for your highest good? If not, then use this lunar eclipse to commit to a change. Remember, you are stronger than you realize.