Align in NINE-Change your Life in 9 Minutes

ALIGN IN 9. Taking a mere 9 minutes daily to align your energy can change your entire life. Every morning we wake up to a lists of “to do's”. From running errands, checking email and getting wrapped up in social media, we forget to take a few minutes each day to simply allow our mind, body and spirit to become one.

This busy mentality prevents us from being clear vessels to ourselves and our loved ones. We become tired, irritable and completely exhausted with trying to keep up with the lists. Furthermore, we then feel guilty for even trying to take a few “me time” minutes!

By aligning your energy you can create more stamina, joy and balance in your life. Here is a quick tip to ALIGN IN 9!

Each morning, before getting out of bed or grabbing your phone, take a few breaths in and release slowly. With each breath, ask yourself the following questions:


  • “Where am I feeling tension?”
  • “Where am I holding fear?”
  • “How is my body feeling today?”
  • “What is on my mind?”
  • “Where do I feel out of sync?”

As you approach each question, simply take a moment to release it. Releasing the need to control the outcome and sending it back to the universe creates space within our soul. We spend too much of our energy trying to control rather than trusting and surrendering. When we are in alignment, we bring together our MIND, BODY & SPIRIT. When we are centered, we then become more connected to our “higher-self“.  Your higher-self is your all-knowing self. The self that receives bits of information on a daily basis filled with guidance and direction, yet we fail to yield the “advice” we are being given because we are too focused on the mind chatter.

This daily ritual can absolutely change your life! Ready for balance? Then try the Align in 9.