Spirit Sandbox-6 Ways To Develop Your Intuition

Want to develop your intuition and connection to Spirit? Start by playing in the Spirit Sandbox! As life starts to weigh us down, we become more focused on responsibilities than giving ourselves playtime. However, imagination is the KEY to building your intuition and connection to Spirit. By allowing yourself to play in the spirit sandbox, you can develop your gifts and have fun at the same time!

Here are SIX ways to PLAY in the Spirit Sandbox:


Whether you choose to stay in the lines or create your own masterpiece, pull out a box of crayons and channel Picasso! Coloring relaxes the mind, de-stresses the body and motives the imagination. Any coloring book will work with this exercise. Find ways to add a bit of color back into your life!


Did you put puzzles together as a child? Puzzles are an incredible tool to help you utilize your imagination. From the image on the box cover, you must then sort out the pieces to re-create that image. Not only do you feel a sense of accomplishment when completing the puzzle, but you also imagine how the pieces fit together. What images are side by side? What pieces fit where? Puzzles are a great way to connect the dots of our imagination and solve the puzzle of connection!


Music is a wonderful way to connect to your imagination. Getting lost in the rhythm not only frees our soul but opens our mind. Music can be enjoyed in various ways:

    • Play– Do you play an instrument? Pull out the flute or sit with the guitar. Even a tambourine can bring your imagination to life!
    • Dance– Dancing is an incredible way to move energy through the body, release tension and expand the mind.
    • Karaoke- Go for an evening of lip syncing to your favorite songs to stimulate your creative juices.
    • Sing- Whether it's in the shower or on stage, singing raises vibration and allows you to connect with your imagination.


You can't go wrong by spending a little more time in nature. Nature has so much to offer us and yet we don't spend the time we can to marinate in that energy. Whether you choose to hike in the forest or sit by the ocean, enjoying more nature not only helps you to reconnect with your soul, but it opens up your clear channel to spirit.


Did you ever go to the beach and build sand castles as a kid? When was the last time you sat and created with your hands? Playing in the spirit sandbox expands your imagination. It's in this facet of the brain that we connect to spirit. Whether you want to use mud, clay or sand, use your hands to build your connection to spirit.


What did you want to be as a kid? Fireman? Doctor? Astronaut? Dancer? As children, we immersed ourselves in the make-pretend world. We felt it and believed it. Every time we were told  to “get our head out of the clouds” or “stop pretending” we started to shut that part of our psyche down. Seems like the only times we give ourselves permission to play make pretend is acceptable holidays like Halloween. Why not have a dress up for fun? Invite your kids to play with you and let them pick the characters! Commit to your role and you might just see your intuition soar!

By slowing down and playing more, you will build your intuition and connection to Spirit. Try some playtime and you may just realize that your senses are not only heightened, but you feel more present, relaxed and connected.