Cord Cutting-How To Release A Toxic Relationship

Have you ever been in an unhealthy relationship? One in which you feel as if you've lost yourself and your identity? We have all experienced these unhealthy relationships whether they be romantic, work, friendship or family.

You may feel hurt and angry, yet you still can't seem to move on. Their energy permeates all around you. You go to bed at night thinking about them. These types of relationships can prevent you from moving forward and it feels as if you are being held captive by the cord of their soul.

In order to find freedom, you must cut the cord that connects you to them. When mere thoughts and wishes don't achieve the goal, you can do a cord cutting ceremony to break free from the toxicity once and for all.

Ready to cut the cord & reclaim your life?

Here are 5 Steps to CORD CUTTING


Write a letter to the person you'd like to cut the cord from. In this letter write out all of your emotions and feelings. Release everything that you have been holding onto for so long, from pain to anger. Let the tears shed if they may, leave nothing behind in this letter. This is EVERYTHING you did NOT get to say to this person and this is your opportunity to express all of your feelings.


Wait for a full or new moon. The moon carries an enormous amount of energy and helps to purge negativity. Don't know when the next NEW or FULL moon occurs? Click HERE to find out.


You will now need a fire safe container. With container and letter in hand, go outside and find a space in which you can see the moon. Allow this to be your sacred area for your ceremony.


Lift your chin and chest up towards the moon and expand your arms as far wide as they will go. Think of surrendering with arms outstretched. Say to the universe:

“I release what no longer serves my highest good and am ready to let go. It is time to surrender and move on. I am excited, willing and open to see what the universe brings to me. With this, I surrender to YOU.”


When you are done with your intention, burn the letter in the bin. By burning the letter, you are releasing all of the emotions, fears, toxicity and negativity from this relationship. You are giving permission to the Universe to bring you the future with a clean and open heart allowing this ceremony helps to reset the heart (similar to restarting the computer).

Sometimes a fresh start is all that is needed and these 6 steps help you to let go of an unhealthy relationship and move on once and for all!