8 Essential Exercises For Self-Love

Are you feeling tired? Exhausted? Find yourself burning the candle at both ends? Many times we tend to take care of others before we exercise our own self-love. This can leave us feeling isolated and frustrated with our friends, family and co-workers. We start to question our purpose and path. One of the greatest gifts we can give others is to love ourselves first. When our tank is full we have more to give to others. We will be more patient, listen more intently and give more freely. When we commit to practicing self-love we create inner and outer peace for ourselves.

Follow these 8 Exercises to fill your tank TODAY!

1.Write a poem to yourself.Put pen to paper and write yourself a nice little love poem! It can be as simple as this:

“Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, nobody loves you as much as I do”

2. Write 5 examples of how you’ve grown spiritually over the past year

3. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat the following:

  • I am a good person
  • I deserve to love myself
  • I deserve true love
  • I deserve to be financially abundant

Reminding yourself that you are worthy and there is no need to settle will help you make the choices that are for your highest good. The choices that reflect self-love the most.

4. Remove the word CAN’T from your vocabulary. It's easy to default to using negative language.
When we change our words, we change our thoughts.

5. Pat yourself on the back. Literally. Tell yourself you’ve done a GOOD job at the end of the day! We tend to be so hard on ourselves. We plow forward without ever taking a moment to reflect on what we have accomplished. Take a few minutes at the end of the day and instead of telling yourself what you didn't get done, focus on what you DID accomplish!

6. In the middle of a bit of chaos. Stop yourself. And say “I’ve got this handled”.When we are stressed we lose focus. Our thoughts get cloudy and our decision making skills decrease. Instead of getting frazzled, get it handled. Remember: You got this!

7. Post a couple of positive affirmations sticky notes on your fridge. Create a practice in which you cannot open the fridge until you read them. They will serve as reminders to keep your thoughts positive and your vibration high. They may just be the “pick me up” you need!

8. Write out a list of your t0p 5 accomplishments this past year. By remember what you've done, you will be inspired to do more.