Thursday, November 22nd, 2018 is not only a day of giving thanks, it marks a powerful day of manifestation. In numerology, November 22, 2018 deduces down to 11.22.11 which are master teacher numbers from the angelic realm.

What does this mean for you?

11.22.11 is a powerful day in which the universe has your back more than ever before with it's energy and love. With these master numbers consider clearing your calendar to make room for your dreams, aspirations and soul purpose.

This is also a perfect opportunity to purge any old belief systems and invite in new ideas and projects. These visions will be guided by your higher-self with the intent to create change in the world as you see it. The energy is pure and magnificent and can ignite your spiritual awakening. Furthermore, You have the ability to try something new, venture out of your comfort zone and pursue your passion.

If you've been holding yourself back, this is the day in which you want to spread your wings and fly. Trust your intuition with your current situations, relationships and circumstances.


    1. AUTOMATIC WRITING-Do a 5-minute automatic writing exercise in which you set the intention to answer the question “What do you want me to know about my soul purpose?” Do not think of the answer, allow yourself to write without thought and without pause. This will help you connect to your soul purpose from your higher self perspective.
    2. VISUALIZATION EXERCISE-Visualize yourself living your dream. Experience it using all of your senses. How does it LOOK? FEEL? The more senses you engage, the more it will lock into your muscle memory.
    3. CREATE A BLUEPRINT-Commit to taking ONE step towards this new goal. Use your self-discipline to set a deadline for completion and once you are done, repeat step 2 above and then move towards taking ANOTHER step towards your new goal. By creating a step-by-step blueprint, you won't feel to overwhelmed and the tasks will feel more attainable. By completing each one, you will build your confidence towards achieving your goals.

By focusing on the above three tips, you will be able to manifest your dreams more quickly.

11.22.11 is a date in which the universe is helping YOU be the master of your dreams. They are reminding you that aspirations no longer need to be placed on the back burner. You are ready to live a life that is in alignment with your soul, spirit and purpose. Celebrate 11.22.11 with passion!