5 Ways Your Loved One In Spirit Is Communicating

How many times do you wish you could see or hear your loved ones in Spirit? I'm always surprised when a client tells me that they can't see, feel or hear their loved ones around them. We all have the ability to connect with our loved ones in Spirit. Sometimes we expect their communication to be bold and forceful, yet primarily, it's extremely subtle. When you can recognize their attempts to communicate with you, a whole new relationship will begin to emerge!

Here's a few tips to help you understand HOW your loved ones ARE communicating with you.

Signs from Spirit by Colby RebelHere are a FIVE ways your loved one in Spirit is communicating with you.


Signs & Symbols:

Spirit loves to use signs and symbols. Does the same bird appear at your window everyday? If you think of your loved one in that moment, it's about trusting that they are with you right then and there. Spirit may use birds, feathers, coins, rainbows, wings or flowers. They may literally choose something that is unique and special to only you two.


Did you listen to music with your loved one in Spirit? Perhaps a random song comes on the radio and it immediately takes you back to a memory with a loved one. This seemingly random act is actually Spirit communicating with you. They may play a favorite artist, song or there may be a special lyric for you listen to as a message is being delivered.


Oh, that's right! Ever get chills that go down the back of your neck? How about goosebumps on your arms? This is Spirit within your physical aura. Spirit will come close and although your may not see or hear them, those chills are your body's response to FEELING them around you! Goosebumps are always an acknowledgement from the Spirit world. Think of it as an applause! “Oh, you got!” “Yes, that's me” “Talk about that more”. Goosebumps and chills let our physical body know that our loved one is within arms reach!


Ever experience lights flickering on and off? Do your light bulbs tend to burn out quickly? Has your TV ever suddenly popped ON or shut OFF without the remote? How about your cell phone ringing and when you look it's the contact number of your loved one in Spirit? Has a voicemail randomly played?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you've had Spirit with you! You may want to dismiss each of these as coincidence, but there is no such thing! In an effort to connect, Spirit will absolutely use electricity and devices to try and get your attention.


One of the most common ways for your loved one in Spirit to visit is through a dream. When we go to sleep, our subconscious mind takes over and we drift into a natural realm of surrender. Your “monkey mind” is at rest, allowing your loved ones to step in and visit without you easily dismissing them as mere imagination. You will know this is a true visit from a loved one in Spirit when you can feel their immense love and light within that dream. You may also receive a reassuring message and you will wake with an absolute knowingness that it was them. Another telltale sign is that the dream will remain vivid and you will wake remembering the details for years to come. Embrace these visits as hugs from your loved ones in Spirit.

Spirit has a desire to want to connect with you in the physical realm. They want to show you that you are loved and your soul lives on. By expanding your awareness and taking in the tips above, you may begin to realize how much your loved ones have been trying to get your attention!