Why you need a clean sheet of paper

Imagine if you could do it all over. Start fresh. Would you make the same choices? Would you choose to make the same mistakes knowing their outcome? How about the same partners, friends and jobs?

Would you choose to do it all exactly the same way? Would you choose to experience the same pain as you had in the past? The pain of lost love, friendships, jobs and lost loved ones?

Your experiences make up the very fiber of YOU. Even those that you may feel pain, embarrassment or failure. Your experiences taught you the level of your resilience. They exposed what you truly desire, and they allow you to find the strength to carry on in moments you simply wanted to give up. They show you what you are made of in the darkest times and can act as inspiration to help create new memories. A new storyline.

As we embark on another new year and a new decade, what does it represent? It represents a clean sheet of paper. With the page blank, what will you write on it?

What do you choose?

You truly have the power to create that of which you desire. Remember your source power. Too often we give our power away to others. When you choose to be the creator of your destiny you see the universe steps in to assist you. Have you sat down to really reflect on what you want to see on this piece of paper?

Is it love? Family? Do you want a new job? Happiness? Do you want to feel successful? Do you want to leave your current position? Do you want to move? Do you desire more freedom? More money or how about more peace? Do you want new friends? Do you want to live in your truth? Do you want to be in alignment with your higher self?

You see, no one can write on your piece of paper unless you give them your power. For what they write may not be within your truth. Never let anyone write on your piece of paper. This is for you. When you feel stuck, meditate and ask source “What is my next step”? Feel the connection of spirit to help guide you.

“Never let anyone write on your piece of paper.”

Use your piece of paper as beacon of light, as a torch to guide you through the dark moments and to carry you to your true purpose. The life you desire and the life you deserve. Use your clean sheet to manifest, to motivate and to remember all that you are meant to be. No more playing small. You have now entered into a new decade. Now more than ever, you are needed and it’s YOUR time.