THE RIBBON-A message from Heaven


There are miracles within the Spirit world. It's about our trust and surrendering to the belief that our loved ones do live on in spirit and continue to visit us in this physical realm. I recently had the honor of being a guest on the hit podcast Calling Out with Susan Pinsky in which a woman wanted to connect to her beautiful daughter in Spirit. The daughter shared that she knew about the “blue bird”. Although the mother could not take that instantly, she soon realized it was the name of the song that her niece wrote about her daughter AFTER her passing! This was evidence that the daughter knew about this song. She also gave hummingbird as her sign for her mother and mentioned a ribbon. The mother realized after the call that there was indeed a ribbon placed on a table for her daughter!

Here's what the mother wrote afterwards

Hi Colby. Just wanted to touch base after speaking with you Aug. 2 (46:57) on Calling Out with Susan Pinsky and confirm a few things you communicated. Above is a pic of the table from the October wedding and when I looked at it again, got chills as I spotted the ribbon right in front of Jamey & Joe's picture. Also, a hummingbird picture rotated on my huge TV screen shortly after we talked, and the first Thanksgiving after her passing, we did set a place for Jamey at the table, though it seemed she was referencing the little table the pic was on. If you want to hear Bluebird, google Avery Kern Bluebird, and give it a listen–such a beautiful song.You are amazing and have such a special gift that you use to uplift and help those whose lives you touch.” -Diana

Your loved ones are very much around you so take a moment to see the subtle sign and feel their presence with you.