X51: Building a Spiritual Business with Colby Rebel


Have you ever felt guilt over charging for a service you provide?

It tends to be a common theme in the realm of spiritual workers, that it’s difficult to earn enough money. This can be for a lot of reasons, but the biggest tends to be guilt around charging for their services.

It takes a lot of confidence to be a spiritual entrepreneur. But thankfully that confidence is something that spirituality itself can help with.

Even if your business or side hustle doesn’t have a spiritual focus, you can always infuse spirituality into it.

Getting connected with your intuition can help you make better business decisions. Finding alignment can lead you to the right clients, or lead them to you. Your spiritual practice can help make your business sustainable by making sure you don’t get burnt out.

So today we’re talking about spiritual entrepreneurship and building a spiritual business.

Our guest is Colby Rebel. She runs a spiritual gathering place called the Colby Rebel Spiritual Center, and is also a powerful psychic.

We Will Learn

  • How to use your intuition for aligned business decisions
  • How goal setting differs in a spiritual business
  • The root of procrastination and how to move through it

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