Famous Psychic Medium: How Do Our Loved Ones In Spirit Communicate With Us?

It's Spooky/Halloween season so we thought it would be fun to have a psychic medium on our show. We loved our conversation with the lovely Colby Rebel. A Internationally Acclaimed Celebrity Psychic Medium, Best-selling author, and host of the acclaimed Colby Rebel Show podcast! Colbys incredible gifts are unmatched and she was awarded “Best Psychic Of Los Angeles in 2022. Colby is not your average medium…for almost 15 years, she has helped thousands of clients find answers, peace and comfort after a loss. She also gives amazing life advice and clarity on a current situation you might be going through.

Here are some of the topics we touched on

Clearing your energy

How your loved one lets you know they're with you

How to use your own compass/intuition within yourself

What certain signs or numbers mean

How to get your power back

what happens after we die

How to have a higher vibration