“When you find a mentor that can see your vision and have you take a step that gets results then hold on tight because it’s going to be an amazing ride! If I was left to my own devices I would not be actively participating in my calling.”

Professional Psychic Medium


Classes are taught personally by Colby at both her Spirit center in Los Angeles, CA as well as around the world. An in person class offers the rare opportunity to study with one of the industry’s leading evidential psychic mediums and certified master spiritual teachers up close and personally.


Classes are a wonderful opportunity to study with one of the industry’s leading psychic mediums and a certified master spiritual teacher from the comfort of your home. You will receive the same expert training, advice and guidance while learning remotely in a live online experience.


These self-led instructional courses were personally  designed by Colby to give you the opportunity to learn and study from anywhere in the world and on your time. Colby offers several videos on various topics from developing intuition, psychic and medium gifts to platform demonstration.

“I can not say enough amazing things about Colby Rebel’s Platform Mediumship Mentorship Program. Her program helped me gain the skills and the confidence I needed to do Platform Demonstrations. Without her knowledge, her teachings, and her ability to hold you accountable to your self and your gifts, I may have never had the courage to do Platform Mediumship.If you are looking to take your abilities and your business to the next level, then this program is designed for you.Colby will give you all the tools you need for growth and success. I can’t thank her enough for putting this program together! Game changer!!!”

T. Escobar
Professional Psychic Medium