Colby Rebel is an award-winning International Celebrity Psychic Medium, best-selling author, and host of the acclaimed Colby Rebel Show podcast. Renowned for her ability to help clients navigate transition and find clarity, she has become one of the most sought-after psychic mediums of our time. 

Colby’s unmatched accuracy and precise guidance has made her the go-to confidante of Hollywood’s elite– serving a roster of celebrity and influencer clients. Colby’s unique no-tools approach emphasizes her authenticity and natural gifts. Deeply respected in her community and beloved by her clients, she was awarded the distinguished title of Best Psychic of Los Angeles in 2022

Colby has had vibrant and successful careers across industries– from being the fan favorite Hammerin’ Heather Steele on WOW- Women of Wrestling to building a 15-year practice as a tax preparer – and through it all, has always had undeniable spiritual gifts. Fourteen years ago, she answered the call to trust her own intuition and help others do the same. She’s since supported thousands of clients in finding clarity, direction, and transformation through readings, live events and coaching. 

Colby's gifts started at the age of 4 when her grandfather came to visit her from spirit and continued throughout her life when leading police to a deceased neighbor after receiving a premonition. A session with Colby is warm and natural as she may take on characteristics, hear their voice or blend with their personality. She connects to your loved one to give you that last laugh, message or apology.

A three-time bestselling author, Colby’s books (Leap of Faith, Psychic Senses, and Coffee with Colby) help other mediums, spiritual practitioners and everyday women enhance their connection to the Divine and hone their gifts. As a speaker, business coach, and founder of the Colby Rebel Spirit Center, she creates containers both in-person and virtually to help practitioners grow their psychic mediumship skills. 

True to her name, her award-winning podcast, The Colby Rebel Show, flies in the face of traditional airy fairy Spiritual podcasting in favor of practical and grounded conversations. Passionate about transparency and access, she also uniquely provides live readings of her clients for listeners to experience.  

Her expertise in the afterlife and effortless Spirit communication has made her the go-to medium for television and cinema. She’s been featured on Travel Channel’s True Terror, MTV’s Teen Moms, and been named the official psychic for star-studded movie premieres. Her insights and predictions have been featured in national news outlets and magazines, including US Weekly, ABC, CBS, and Fox.

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Colby is a 3x international best-selling author of  Leap of Faith: How to Build Your Spiritual Business.  Leap of Faith is a hand-book for those seeking a career as a spiritual entrepreneur and offers invaluable guidance to those having a desire to build their own successful business. She has also written Psychic Senses. This is a book written to help you develop and hone your own gifts. Colby recently released Coffee with Colby-365 Days of Fresh Brewed Spirit Inspiration which hit several best sellers list!


Prior to taking her leap of faith to serve her life purpose, Colby was a fan favorite wrestler for WOW-Women of Wrestling as Hammerin’ Heather Steele on KCAL 9 TV. Her grit and dedication carried over into her career as a tax manager for 14 years helping clients wrestle numbers. Colby’s work ethic and dedication and natural gift has led her to coach students world-wide to build successful spiritual business.

Colby is a Radio Host


The Colby Rebel Show is a weekly podcast that brings reality to spirituality with on-air readings and interviews trailblazing guests without the airy fairy fluff. The Colby Rebel Show was awarded Parapod's BEST SPIRITUAL PODCAST!

Colby has also turned pages as the cover feature of top publications including Om Times and Fierce Truths magazines and was hand selected as the official medium for Kristen Stewart’s premiere for her film Personal Shopper.  Her knowledge of the afterlife and ability to communicate with ease led her to gain the role as expert psychic medium on the hit show True Terror with Robert Englund (aka Freddie Krueger) featured on the Travel Channel.