Psychic Medium Colby Rebel

Psychic/Intuitive Reading

Me & You. In this session, Colby connects to provide guidance on areas that may need a little extra direction or clarification. Colby can answer your questions regarding love, relationships, family, career and finance. Her readings are designed to be interactive so you will be able to ask questions & participate in your reading!


*Please note with a psychic reading, you have free will! This means you can change your path, direction & information in regards to your future. You can manifest what you desire. That is the beauty of life! Gain focus, clarity & direction with your intuitive reading.


Readings available in person, by phone or Skype!


$325/55 minutes | $275/30 minutes*

Medium Reading

Me & Spirit. Colby connects with Spirit to bring forward your loved one in a way that will make you feel as if they are in the room and having that last laugh or conversation. Colby brings forward their personality, quirks and their messages in an honest & genuine manner delivering healing, hope & closure.


*Although it’s Colby’s intention & desire to bring forth the spirit you wish to speak to, she cannot guarantee that they will choose to step forward. Colby connects with the Spirit world with complete openness to allow your loved ones an opportunity to connect with you.


Readings available in person, by phone or Skype!


$325/55 minutes | $275/30 minutes*

Group Reading

Me & Us. Have an event & want to make the occasion memorable? Book Colby for your next event to make an impact that is ever lasting! Colby travels around the world conducting classes, workshops, public speaking and mediumship demonstrations. Colby uses her gifts to create a memorable experience. Please contact for details.


*Group sessions with friends & family are a great way to connect with Spirit! Contact for further details and pricing.

Coaching Package

Are you finding yourself STUCK? Going through a difficult transition or circumstance? Just need some extra guidance?
This is a package designed to help with your life, aspirations, goals & desires! In these sessions, we will focus on blocks and practical exercises to help you attain the life you want and deserve!


*These are not intended to be medium and/or psychic readings. This package gives your (4) 55 minute life coaching sessions!