Mediumship Development Online Class

Mediumship Development

Ready to develop your gifts? Join Colby for this online power packed hour with secrets & tools essential to developing your connection to Spirit.

This is a pre-recorded webinar class that will focus on developing your Mediumship gifts.

Mediumship Essentials Online Class

Mediumship Essentials

This is an ONLINE class as a follow-up to Mediumship Develop. This class focuses on developing your Mediumship gifts. In this webinar Colby shares the secrets and tips essential to building a strong connection with the Spirit world allowing you to hold the link longer and bring forth evidence in greater detail.

This is a pre-recorded webinar class that will focus on developing your Mediumship gifts.

Soul Psychic Online Class

Do you feel you are gifted? Ready to develop your psychic gifts? Join Colby for this online power packed video filled with explanations and tutorials around the most common questions and concerns encountered by students. Colby discusses all of the important aspects to receiving clear and detailed information in a reading and offers exercises to help you deepen your psychic connection!

Mentoring with Colby

Mentor with Colby

Are you feeling stuck? Have you hit a plateau with your spirit connection? Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, this is a personalized program intended to help you expand your gifts and develop your connection.

This is ONLY open to 6 individuals!

Platform Progressive

Platform Progressive-Mentoring

Are you interested in developing your platform mediumship? Do you have a desire to bring through specific evidence and details from spirit and deliver them to a larger group or audience with specificity, confidence and conviction?

Join International Psychic Medium and LWISSD Master Spiritual Teacher Colby Rebel for this intensive 6-Month mentoring program

Leap Of Faith Video Series

Leap of Faith: Video Series

Leap Of Faith: How To Build Your Spiritual Business (Video Series)

Based on the #1 Amazon Best-Selling Book!


Do you have a desire to start a spiritual practice but don’t know where to begin? With endless tips and strategies, this book gives you everything you need to know to launch your own successful spiritual business.

Grief No More Video Course

Grief No More

21 Days To Healing & Happiness

Is grief overtaking your life? Ready to bring in healing & happiness? Would you like to connect to a loved one in Spirit? If you answered YES to these questions, this course is for you!

Join me for Grief No More-21 Days To Healing & Happiness.